A Wonderful Weekend

On Friday, I ended up going to the rehab class from 1-2pm, and I liked it. I just took it easy a little, and didn't over do any of the exercises. I'm glad I had the sense to bring my headphones with me, because someone in the room turned the tv on to golf. I don't hate golf, but it's boring to exercise to! I finished up there, went home and had a little something to eat and went to the credit union quick. After that I called a phriend and spent almost 2 hours chatting away about a lot of things. Then I had dinner down at my parents', and came home and watched a Netflix movie, The Bucket List. It was ok. I didn't love it, but didn't hate it, either.

I wasn't expecting to do much on Saturday until my mom called me and asked if I'd like to go to Artpark with her, my cousin, Joan, Mandy and the kids. I thought, why not? I got all ready to go, slathered myself with suntan lotion since Artpark is very much outdoorsy, and the sun was out in full force, and eventually Joan picked me up. Not knowing where Mandy was yet, we just headed to Lewiston, got to Artpark, and then Mandy called me. She had some things to help Ron with, so she said she'd try to get ready to go and come down. On Saturday, Artpark had an area for kids to do a few crafty things, such as painting, face painting, playing in a huge sand pile, etc. There was also supposed to be a performance in the afternoon. Well, we started heading to where the huge tent was set up for all of this. The thing about Artpark is that it's very hilly. And I don't do well with hills! So I took it rather slow, because not only was it hilly and sunny, it was also very hot, even though it was a bit breezy. I almost wished I hadn't gone, because I honestly forgot about the hills, since I hadn't been there in a few years. But, very slowly we got to the area and found a table in the shade, and sat down. Eventually I called Mandy again, and after she talked with Mom, it was decided we'd hang out for a bit where we were sitting, and then meet Mandy, Ron and the kids for lunch at The Silo. We sat chatting with my cousin about art stuff, since she is rather artistic. The breeze really was nice and so was the shade! After awhile we started back to the car, which was not a problem for me because it was all going down!! I can do down, but I just can'd do up!

The Silo was quite busy. As soon as Joan parked, I got out of the car and headed to a table that had a tree and a lot of shade, and was big enough for all of us. Mandy got there, and most of us headed somewhere to either get food or ice cream. I decided I wanted ice cream for lunch! It just sounded refreshing, and I really didn't want food. We had a nice time talking and listening to the kids, but the winds were majorly picking up, and things kept getting blown around. One of the umbrellas on the picnic tables even blew off and hit a woman in the head before it flew over the railing and down the hill on the way to the dock! Dark clouds were starting to come over us, too, and awhile after that we started feeling drops of rain. So, we left! Joan dropped me off, I had a big nap, then a big dinner, and then just took it easy for the rest of the night!

Today, Joan, Mandy and I went out to lunch at PF Chang's, which was delicious! We were able to eat outside, and it felt good to be in the natural cool air and not the A/C. Today wasn't as hot as yesterday, either. After lunch, we went back to the Falls so we could get pedicures! I haven't had one done since we all went before Lisa's wedding down in North Carolina. The salon we chose inside the Outlet Mall was really nice. They had 8 massage chairs for pedicures, and quite a few stations for manicures. There were even 3 massage chairs for little kids, but I'm sorry, I do not think a small child should be getting pedicures! Unlike a lot of salons, this one totally didn't reek of acetone. Nothing bothered my lungs! I really enjoyed the massage chair, and wish I knew where to get one! I picked an aqua color for my toes, not realizing how bright it was until the guy started putting it on. But it looks nice and summerish! I also asked for a flower design on my big toes, and it looks cute. I definitely think I need to do a pedicure at least twice in the summer, because it's a nice treat!

After Joan dropped off Mandy and got her car washed, she dropped me off at my parents', and I had dinner with them. Nothing too heavy, macaroni salad, shrimps, cucumbers and cherries. It hit the spot! But I didn't stay too long afterward since I was rather tired from the day, and the weekend! It's just going on to 7pm now, and I feel like I should be going to bed already. Not gonna happen, though! It's way too early! I'll just go hang out for awhile and relax, since I have another busy day tomorrow with 2 appointments and meeting a couple good friends! :)


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