Bye Bye, July

In a little over an hour here on the east coast, July will slip away and give in to August. Where is this summer going??

The past several days have been mostly involved with trying to function with headaches. I got a migraine in the wee hours of Thursday morning around 2am, as I turned over in my sleep. I could see the aura, and layed there wondering if I should get up and take an Excedrin Migraine, or just try to go back to sleep. Taking the Excedrin usually means the caffeine in the pill keeps me up for awhile. I decided to go back to sleep, but the rest of the night was fitful, and every time I turned, I could feel my head hurting. Guess I should've opted to take the Excedrin since I didn't get much more sleep anyway.

When I got up on Thursday morning to take Revatio, I finally decided to take something for the headache. I got maybe another hour of sleep before I gave up and tried to see if I was well enough to still go to rehab. I really tried my best to get pumped for it, but I finally thought I'd better not. Glad I did! I was pretty much not functioning on Thursday, only doing a few things here and there before taking a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. I felt a bit better in the evening, and so I thought I'd be done with the migraine and that Friday would be ok. Not so much.

Friday and even today, I've had sinus headaches. The weather changed from being in the mid to upper 80s to the barely-even 70s-mid 70s. I mean, I suppose most people have been enjoying the change, but my head sure hasn't. The Excedrin Migraine has helped to a point, but I can tell my head isn't completely better. I hate the feeling! I try my best to go along about my business, but it's difficult!! My headache from today took a long time to go away, but it's not totally better, and I can tell that maybe tomorrow I'll end up with one, too. I'm wishing they would go away and leave just like July is slipping away!!


My best friend's daughter has had severe migranes ever since she was little. She started a gluton free diet about a year or more ago and rarely if ever has a migrane now. She swears it's the diet cuz when she strays from it, she gets a migrane. I hope you get some relief from it.

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