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A Letter To Mason

When I found out Mason was in the hospital, I had bought a card for him to let him know how much he meant to me, and that I hope he'd get well soon. Sadly, I couldn't give him that card with the words I had wanted to write. Instead, several days after he passed, I wrote the following to him. Hopefully it can be read by a phriend today at his funeral service. I wish I could be there to say goodbye, but I will be going down by the Niagara River at the time of his service to remember all the wonderful things we shared.

Dear HB,
I had bought this card when I found out you were in the hospital. It's short and sweet, but it says everything about our friendship. I feel like I've known you forever instead of the 3 short years we got to know each other. I feel such a void now that you are gone. I miss starting my days with you, and I miss you being the last person I said goodnight to. I miss all our conversations in between.

But-I am sure you hear me talking to you all during the …

RIP Michael Jackson

Sad and shocking news today in learning about the death of Michael Jackson at the pretty young age of 50. I don't care much about all the negative crap about him in the past several years. I love his music. LOVE it. He is such an American icon, and I know his music will live on forever. Here's a live video of one of my fav songs, Billie Jean!!


Growing up with pulmonary hypertension and congenital heart disease was sometimes lonely, because there wasn't anyone around me who felt the same way I did physically. No one had to stay out of gym because they got too tired and too short of breath like I did on a constant basis. No one had to wear a holter monitor like the one time I had to in 4th grade. Talk about trying to play mum ball in class, all you could hear was the monitor thing making noise. Although I could always go to sports games, I wasn't able to participate in any type of sport, because again, it was just physically way too much for my body to handle. I didn't really regret any of this. I thought it was just me and my normal. I thought I was the only person out there who really dealt with this kind of thing, but that was ok.

I graduated high school, and started college. I worked, went to classes, and in the last year of college, started going out a lot more. I graduated with my education degree, and began …

Flooring Pics!!

No kitchen flooring!! Everything got ripped up, including the subfloor.
The wallpaper was all pulled down, too!
The body drawing of Ron on the subflooring. LOL!! Kinda faint, but you can see it if you look closely!My face contribution and the date we ripped up the floors!
My niece's drawing!! Isn't it cute?? I think it was a self-portrait! lol
Part of the new wood laminate flooring!
More wood flooring.....
Ta-wa (as my nephew says!) Dining room flooring is done!!

The rug is back in place, and looks nice with the floor!

The newly painted's a green color, not sure if you can really see it!
I tried another shot in the corner, still not sure the green comes out all that good!
Some of the new kitchen floor!
Part of the kitchen floor!
Almost done with the kitchen!
Another Ta-wa!!! Kitchen flooring is done!
The kitchen going into the dining room!

Remodeling! Part 4!

Yesterday was another day of remodeling at my parents, but there wasn't much I could do, except kid patrol again. My mom showed up with the kids at my house a little after 11am, so we hung out in the yard for awhile. I showed them London, the pigeon (who is still residing with us despite the fact she's supposed to have a home?? Oh well! lol), and they were fascinated! That kept them entertained for about 10 minutes. My mom was trying to clip weeds, and the dead lilacs off the tree, and I got a big garbage bag so the kids could help clean up since they loved doing it yesterday at my parents. However, my nephew just wasn't having a good day, so my mom said she needed to walk back down to the house. My niece didn't want to go! I said I'd take her inside for awhile.

My niece had a blast finding all my bettas, looking for Mittens in the cupboard, and coloring and playing with stickers on my kitchen table. She LOVED sitting on the high chairs! I realized a little after 12…

Remodeling! Part 3!

During this past week, I really felt rather crappy until Friday. I know I overdid it last weekend with the helping out, but I'm glad I was at least able to help! Although I did want to go help paint the green color in the kitchen, I just never felt well enough to go over and do it. But when I got over to my parents' this morning, I walked into the kitchen and I thought the color looked nice! It brightens up the kitchen, and doesn't make it seem too small, which it is. The only thing I really did was help with a few touchups, and then I helped with kid patrol! Ron worked on the kitchen floor the whole time, which wasn't as easy as doing the dining room. He still has to finish up tomorrow, but there isn't a ton to do. He got 2/3rds of it done, so at least that is good! So, I'll be back down tomorrow again!

It's been nice seeing the kids so much, and my family. I only wish Lisa could be here. She did call this afternoon to see how the progress was going, but h…