Flooring Pics!!

No kitchen flooring!! Everything got ripped up, including the subfloor.
The wallpaper was all pulled down, too!
The body drawing of Ron on the subflooring. LOL!! Kinda faint, but you can see it if you look closely!My face contribution and the date we ripped up the floors!
My niece's drawing!! Isn't it cute?? I think it was a self-portrait! lol
Part of the new wood laminate flooring!
More wood flooring.....
Ta-wa (as my nephew says!) Dining room flooring is done!!

The rug is back in place, and looks nice with the floor!

The newly painted kitchen...it's a green color, not sure if you can really see it!
I tried another shot in the corner, still not sure the green comes out all that good!
Some of the new kitchen floor!
Part of the kitchen floor!
Almost done with the kitchen!
Another Ta-wa!!! Kitchen flooring is done!
The kitchen going into the dining room!


Bonnie said…
Colleen the flooring looks great. One reason is the kitchen flooring looks like my own. LOL LOL I'll bet your mom and dad just love the change, it's fun. You sound like a great Auntie Colleen.

Take care of yourself and don't do too much at a time. I know you've heard that one before.

Your PHreind

Bonnie, NV
Anonymous said…
Wow..looks great :))
Sounds like you all had fun doing it as well...even though i know that u overdid it...LOL

Love & Hugs;))

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