Remodeling! Part 3!

During this past week, I really felt rather crappy until Friday. I know I overdid it last weekend with the helping out, but I'm glad I was at least able to help! Although I did want to go help paint the green color in the kitchen, I just never felt well enough to go over and do it. But when I got over to my parents' this morning, I walked into the kitchen and I thought the color looked nice! It brightens up the kitchen, and doesn't make it seem too small, which it is. The only thing I really did was help with a few touchups, and then I helped with kid patrol! Ron worked on the kitchen floor the whole time, which wasn't as easy as doing the dining room. He still has to finish up tomorrow, but there isn't a ton to do. He got 2/3rds of it done, so at least that is good! So, I'll be back down tomorrow again!

It's been nice seeing the kids so much, and my family. I only wish Lisa could be here. She did call this afternoon to see how the progress was going, but having her here would have been fun! I am hoping that maybe they can try to visit this summer, but we'll see. That is quite a long drive with a little baby!

I am off to bed early tonight! I think I'm so tired because we spent a lot of the day outside, and it was really nice. So I got lots of fresh air, no nap, and I'm rather sleepy!! Pictures will go out next week, when I can just put up pics of both rooms!


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