Remodeling! Part 4!

Yesterday was another day of remodeling at my parents, but there wasn't much I could do, except kid patrol again. My mom showed up with the kids at my house a little after 11am, so we hung out in the yard for awhile. I showed them London, the pigeon (who is still residing with us despite the fact she's supposed to have a home?? Oh well! lol), and they were fascinated! That kept them entertained for about 10 minutes. My mom was trying to clip weeds, and the dead lilacs off the tree, and I got a big garbage bag so the kids could help clean up since they loved doing it yesterday at my parents. However, my nephew just wasn't having a good day, so my mom said she needed to walk back down to the house. My niece didn't want to go! I said I'd take her inside for awhile.

My niece had a blast finding all my bettas, looking for Mittens in the cupboard, and coloring and playing with stickers on my kitchen table. She LOVED sitting on the high chairs! I realized a little after 12 that she probably hadn't eaten, so I called my mom to make sure. She said no, so I made my niece lunch! She was thrilled with the grape jelly I used on the pb&j sandwich, enjoyed the applesauce, and told me several times how much she liked the Oreo thin crisps I gave her for dessert. Hey, I'm glad I had stuff to please her!! After she colored some more, I walked down with her to my parents' house. I stayed there for awhile, playing with Play-doh with her and Joanie. Joanie was trying to "let go" after watching our niece smoosh several colors of Play-doh together to make a pizza. Those colors were so hard to separate. LOL! After that, I headed home to actually take a nap!

I went back down to have dinner with the family, and hung out for a couple hours. The kitchen floor is done, but the back stairs still need to be finished, and a few things here and there. However, the floor looks awesome! I really think Ron did a great job on both floors! I'll post pics in a new post!

We are going to put a backsplash up in the sink area, and then I think the kitchen is done, except for the stuff my mom still wants to do. The dining room and kitchen both have a new lease on life, I think!! I am glad for the past two weekends because I got to see my family so much, despite how tired I got! What else can we remodel???? LOL!


cindy said…
Ya'll did a wonderful job. Congrats. Your folks will love it.

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