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Busy Busy

It's been hectic here the past couple weeks, at least it's felt that way. I was trying to get things all planned and squared away for my PH support group meeting (which was today, more on that in a bit). Then on Thursday and Friday last week, I was hit with a really nasty stomach flu, and it really threw me for a loop. I spent all this week trying to get more energy, resting quite a bit, and sleeping often. But although I got my appetite back, my energy level hasn't been the same. No matter how much sleep or resting I do, I just seem exhausted most of the time. I'm thinking it has to do with several factors: still recovering from stomach flu, the weather, stress from planning the support group meeting (which, ironically, was all about stress! lol), female bs, and probably some other things I can't even think about now. I'm hoping that since the meeting is out of the way, and one other major issue I've been stressing about has been resolved, maybe I'll…

Me and Scooter!

I visited my friend on Saturday, to see her new puppy. His name is Scooter, he is a pit bull (not one of my fav dogs, but he was cute), and he was playful. Well, after he got used to me. He didn't like me at first, but after about 10 minutes, I was his new best friend! lol Here's a picture of us! Enjoy!

New Jewelry Website Yet Again!

Well, after a couple months of trying Ebay to sell my jewelry, it was getting too expensive. I only sold a few things, and I kept having to put things up for bid just so people could maybe see my store. I didn't like it much! I am very happy that a PHriend gave me a website for people who make things by hand, and I finally was able to use it! I spent about 4 days taking pictures of everything I've made on my new camera, and the pics looked great! Then I realized they were too huge for the website, so I had to resize them. UGH. But I got that all done, and finally put all my stuff up on the site, all 100 items. And it'll only cost me $20 for 4 months to have them listed. Yay!! Anyway, here is the site!:

Go! Look! Shop! Send it to people! LOL And if you don't, well, thanks for looking anyway! hehe

A Realization, And My Day

I just realized, while typing email to a friend who isn't feeling well, that it has been one full year since I last had a major cold. KNOCK ON WOOD!!! LOL In the beginning of April last year was when I got sick last, the same time I had to go to Cleveland for a checkup, and I was NOT feeling well. Sure, I have felt run down on and off during the winter, but it never developed into anything. And I am sooooo greatful for that!! I think a couple of the reasons I haven't gotten sick is because I was home so often during the very cold winter, and I have consumed almost a bottle of honey in that time period. lol Let's just hope I didn't just jinx myself by writing how healthy I've been!! lol

Today I was pretty busy, and I wasn't overly tired from it either. I did my dishes this morning, and then cleaned all the fish. After that, I went out to a few stores to get some things I needed. And then I stopped over my friend, Kat's, house to see her new puppy. Scooter…

Kind Words From A Stranger

This morning a lady called me about my upcoming PH support group meeting on April 28th. She told me she'd like to attend, along with her husband. We chatted for several minutes, and she seemed like such a nice person. I told her I've had PH all my life, and that I started the group because I didn't know what to do after having to quit my job, and that I also wanted to meet others like me. She thanked me for wanting to do this, because she knew how much energy it can take to organize a support group, and that PHers don't always have that energy. I thought that was very kind, coming from someone I have not yet met. :-)

I am looking forward to the meeting. So far, I have 8 people coming! Five of them are PH patients. And this isn't even including myself, my mom, and Jacqueline from Accredo. It's still a couple weeks away, so hopefully there will be even more RSVPs! Heck, just having 8 people is already 3 times more than I had the last time! lol

The topic for the …


It's rather difficult to believe that someone you thought you knew well could turn out to be such a monster. I have found out that one of my friends is someone other than what he's been portrayed all the time I've known him. I can't even really call him a friend now, I call his wife my friend more. I feel sad and even hurt a little, to know that he has said such awful things, and has even been abusive. It's just a sad situation, made even worse by the fact that their son is in the middle of it all. My prayers will definitely be with them for a long time.

It just reminds me of someone I knew for over half my life, who was my best friend, and I thought always would be. I honestly feel she just couldn't handle what my life had become after I had to quit my job, and I was sick for awhile years back. I miss her alot sometimes, and then I realize how much of a relief I've felt since she's been out of my life. It's sad that things happen like that.

But I&#…



Happy Easter! Or Merry Christmas??

It's very hard to believe that tomorrow is Easter. In the past several days, it has felt more like the last days before the Christmas holiday. The temps are hardly making it into the 30s, and it's been snowing! I've gone back to wearing long underwear, for goodness sake!! I sure hope this weather goes away soon, it's a little depressing!

I went to a re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross at my church last night with my mom. It was done by Franciscan Mystery Players, and it was something I've never experienced before. It was so moving! The players were teenagers. They had very loud instramental music playing, and then 2 speakers who went through the meanings of the stations the teens were re-enacting. I didn't think I'd get as emotional as I did, but my eyes wouldn't stop watering and welling up, and just listening to the words from the speakers was very enlightening. I truly was glad I got to go, and if they come again next year, I will try going ag…

Things That Make You Wonder

I was talking to Erin today, and she told me her daughter, Sydney, said to her "You need Poppy D." Erin was like what?? Sydney again said, "You need Poppy D., mommy." Erin asked, "How do you know about Poppy D?" And Sydney said "He's with me all the time."

I teared up so badly, I almost started crying. Poppy D. is Erin's father, who passed away before Sydney turned 1. So it was so very surprising that she even realized who he was, since she was so little when he died. To hear a 2-year old say that her deceased grandpa was with her all the time....well, I don't even know what to say to that. It's overwhelming, to say the least!

April Is Here!

Lots of things have been happening around here, at least it seems like it. I've been busy the past couple days, and surprisingly not that tired, physically. I am happy about that, though. Today I ran a whole bunch of errands: went to the post bloodwork done....went to pick up my ear drops.....went to the library....went to the cemetary to say hi to Grandpa lol.....came home and ate a sandwich, then went to pay the water bill.....then went to cash my SS check.....then stopped at my mom's and saw Joanie's new phone! It was a good day, until I got home and had to take a nap because of a massive headache!! But I felt better when I got up, which was good since I really didn't want to take an Excedrin.

Easter is just around the corner, and it's kind of hard to believe. The warmer weather has been here on and off, and it's been nice! However, winter is making a quick return this weekend, it figures. I didn't want to wear long underwear on Easter day…