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Euan's Favorite Place

Euan used to love going to Port Dalhousie Marina in St. Catherine's, Ontario. When he passed away, his family and friends got together some money in order to have his favorite bench dedicated to him. Last summer, when K. and I ventured into Canada to visit Niagara On the Lake (a very beautiful and fun little place to go!), I asked him about going to Port Dalhousie to see Euan's bench. He agreed that we could do it, and we did in July. 
As we got into the area and tried to figure out where to park, I started getting really emotional and a little shaky. When I got out of the car, the first thing I heard was bagpipes. At the marina, there were two very long piers with benches all along the way. The pier across from us was where I heard the bagpipes. I saw a gathering of people following the bagpiper with balloons and other things, and so I knew they must have been honoring a loved one. But the bagpipes hit me. Euan was born in Scotland. I found it incredibly ironic that on the da…