Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blasts From The Past!

I've been cleaning today. For some reason, I'm in a cleaning mode, and heck, if I feel like doing it, I might as well!! How often does a person just WANT to clean, instead of HAVE to?? Well, I was dusting in the bedroom, and I decided to go through my drawer in the nightstand. I guess I could call this drawer the memory drawer. I have quite a bit of stuff from my childhood in there, and as many times as I have cleaned it out, I still keep the stuff that reminds me of being a kid!! I found my childhood diary as well. I didn't write too much, but the entries I read a bit ago made my die laughing! I'm going to see if I can just scan the entries and post them here. We'll see. I was 10 when I started it, and man, my handwriting was atrocious!! My last entry in there was in 1993, and what a difference almost 10 years made in how well I write now. Anyway, below are some toys I found in the drawer. I know I still have E.T. figurines somewhere, but they might be in the other room, and I'm not cleaning that one!! lol
This was some sort of character on a cartoon I can't remember! The toy flipped from the boy above, to the character below. I wish I could remember the name!! The only thing I do know is that it was a toy from a McDonald's kids meal. lol
This is a Nerf dude!! You could take them apart and move their heads around, or change what they were wearing. We used to bounce the head around. LOL
This was a mini troll doll, that you can stick on a pencil or pen. I thought the bigger ones were ugly, but I still kept this one! Love the pink hair, and I can't believe it has stayed in that twist all these years. lol
This is my Hotwheels car!! The bottom of it says 1980. The most surprising thing is that it still actually works!! You have to squeeze the key and it'll go flying. I still think they should make the cars like this. haha!
I really think I have more Smurf figurines around somewhere. They might be with my E.T. stuff. I don't remember, but this is one of them that I kept!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Have A Date Tonight.....

.....and his name is Oscar. Oscar is a pretty cool guy, and he likes to give out awards for everything movie-related. Ok, I know you're rolling your eyes at me now. lol I am not always a fan of watching the Oscars, but this year, I have it bad for one of the movies nominated for 10 of those golden statues. I don't know what it is about Slumdog Millionaire that has gotten me obsessed about the movie. I have seen it twice, and I seriously want to see it again. I might wait until it gets to our cheap theater, because $3.50 is a lot more affordable than $9.50! When it comes out on DVD, you bet your bippy it's mine!! And I looooooove the soundtrack, which also happens to be nominated. I didn't think I'd really like all the Indian music, but there is something about it that I'm drawn to as well. The movie is a love story, but the viewer must take a trip down memory lane for the young man in search of his true love. The twists and turns in this movie are wonderful, and I really give Danny Boyle a lot of credit for making this movie turn out as great as it did. So, I hope Oscar won't disappoint by the end of the night by giving Slumdog it's highest honors. But, if it doesn't happen to win, it doesn't matter to me. The movie gets tons of awards and props in my book!!

Happy Bit of News Sunday!

I'm not sure what it is about finding good news that is so darn hard. I wanted to try doing this every week, but I either have been way too busy, or there just hasn't been anything inspiring that I've come across. This video clip is something I watched on the NBC Nightly News broadcast on Friday night. Every Friday, they have a Making a Difference story, and this one was moving to me. I think it's a wonderful idea to help children dealing with cancer, and I hope this program is able to be continued for a long time to come.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, today I have been doing a bunch of things. I washed 2 loads of laundry, washed the dishes, soaked a bunch of bras (yeah I said bras, get over it lol), and after having lunch, I finally sat down to make bracelets for myself with the expensive Swarovskis I bought last week at the bead store Mandy and I went to. As much as I am still kicking myself for spending that much, I have to admit that I loooooooooove the bracelets!! My favorite is the darkish blue one, which I'm sure is a surprise because if anyone knows me, they know how much I love red! The other bluish one is supposed to be periwinkle-ish. Periwinkle is a very hard color to figure out! I have seen it in so many shades, more on the blue side, or more on the purple side. I actually guessed that this was periwinkle, because the ladies at the store had no clue. When I got home, and compared them to other periwinkle-ish beads I have, they were darn close! So, I guess I have a Medic Alert bracelet with periwinkle for PH! Whooo hoooo! By the way, the black bracelet is made out of leftover black beads I had. They are not Swarovskis, although I'm sure that would look awesome, too!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Have I Been Doing??

I feel like I haven't seen much of my home in the past few days. Ever since Friday, I've spent almost all day, except for a few hours each day, out doing something! I'm surprised I am not more exhausted than I could be, but I am tired. I allowed myself to sleep in a bit this morning, and tomorrow, I have declared it Rest Day. So, here is what I was up to!

I awoke 15 minutes before my alarm to a text message from my cousin in AZ, asking if we were ok. My only thought was about the plane that had crashed in Clarence. I had heard about it the night before, but didn't know too many details. She was the one who told me everyone on board died. It's such a tragedy, and the mood around here has been somber. I've talked to 4 people who knew someone on the plane, or knew someone who knew someone. It's a terrible situation that has happened here, and my prayers have been going out to the victims and their families.

I had a dentist appt at 10:10am, then after that, I hung out at Mandy's for a little while before we went out to a bead store in Amherst. It was a nice store, but a lot of stuff was waaaay too pricey. I did, however, by myself some swarovskis to make Medic Alert bracelets for myself. Something fancier!! I spent $25, and I know for sure I could have gotten cheaper swarovskis online. Oh well, guess I just splurged on myself at a local store. We got back to the Falls after a stop at a couple other stores, and I went home after that to take it easy for a little bit.

My friend, Karen, was in town this weekend, and so on Friday night we had dinner, then went to Carter's for a bit to look for some children outfits, and then we went to see Doubt. The movie was, ummmm, ok. I wasn't exactly thrilled with it. The acting was good, but the whole story line left me confused and disappointed. I'd only give it one paw up for the acting! I got home after 11, and went to bed shortly afterward!

Saturday, I met Karen for lunch at Tim Horton's, and then we were off to see another movie. She wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire, and I gladly went with her! I just love the movie!! We said our goodbyes after the movie was over, and I went back home for a little while. I tried to take a nap, but it just didn't work too well. My friend, Eve, came over and picked me up, then picked up Erin, and we went to a restaurant called Shannon's Pub. It was a nice place, had good appetizers (that's all we ordered to eat!), and a big area for an Irish band. We hung out for awhile with a friend of Eve's from work, and when we finally left, I had to drive Eve's car because she had had 4 chocolate martinis. Mmmmm, wish I coulda had one! I had one drink, but that was it. I dropped Erin off at her house, then Eve and I hung out at my house for a couple hours before Eve went home. It was a fun night!

I really needed groceries, so my mom picked me up this afternoon, and we went to a few stores. I am now stocked up for a couple weeks at least. It was nice to actually relax on the couch for the evening tonight after dinner! I am not planning on leaving the house tomorrow, and I might not even get out of pjs! I'll have to see how I feel when I get up in the morning. And so, on that note, I am off to bed!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh My!

Today I ventured out because it was in the 50s, and I needed to get out! I went to Walmart first. I had a short list of things to get, but I took some time. I got to the section with face washes and stuff, and I was looking for a St. Ives product for acne that Ali had recommended. While crouched down on the ground (the product was that low!), I saw an acne kit. Now, I've seen several of these kits before. All of them are against the Proactiv kit that you see on tv, because their packaging all say how much less expensive it is! Well, the brand I saw is from AcneFree. The particular kit I picked up is for severe acne. If you saw my face without makeup, you'd definitely agree it's severe. It has a Retinol cream in it, to only use at night. The price for the kit was $23.74, I think. So here I had this kit in my hand, and the St. Ives for $3.99 in the other hand. What to buy??? I could try to keep doing what I've been doing for about a month with the cleanser and another acne treatment I've had. Or, I could try the kit, which would probably last about 2 months, maybe 3, and see if it does anything. It took me 10 minutes to decide, and in that time, I got so emotional about it, because I just want better skin. I actually got a little verclempt in the aisle, and there was no one around to tell them to talk amongst themselves! Ok, that may be funny, but seriously, I really did get teary. Anyway, I finally decided to try the kit. I figured that if it didn't help after 3 months, then I guess I really need to see the dermatologist. I honestly prayed when I got home today that this will help. I never realized how much of a confidence killer acne could be. I don't like the way it's making me feel!!

Anyway, after the Walmart trip, I drove to Niagara University, where I went to college! It's hard to believe I graduated almost 12 years ago. Geesh!! I was going to visit the Financial Aid office, where I called home for 4 years. I worked there while going to school, and many of the people I worked with are still there. My former boss had about 200 jewelry boxes she wanted to give me for my jewelry. I asked her where all the jewelry was that went along with it!! lol She had 3 bags full, and she said I'd never be able to carry it to my car, so I walked with her to the parking lot. As we walked, she told me she had a lung issue, and that she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.

::::::Screeeeech to a halt:::::: What?????

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I said "Are you kidding me?? That's what I have!" Which she already knew for years. And she replied, "Yes, I know!" She told me she was diagnosed by echo, and CT scan, and that she had some pain in her stomach area, and that her stomach feels like it's squishing around. Now, of course, that lead me to wonder if she really does have PH. I told her an rhc was the true diagnosis, and that an echo can be off. I told her that I would definitely be emailing her all kinds of information, including the PHA website, and the name of the local PH doctor I see here. When I did email her, I put my phone number for her to call me with questions!! We really couldn't talk too long because she had to run to a dentist appt, so I really do hope I get to talk to her again really soon.

If she really does have PH, it'll be the first person I know personally who's been diagnosed with this disease. I don't wish that on anyone!! So, I'm hoping that she really doesn't have it. But, at least she knows she can talk to someone if she does. It was just a big shock to me today, I never thought I would hear that diagnosis from anyone I know!

I got home after visiting with a few others I used to work with, and tried to rest a little, but I was just on overtime thinking mode. And I ate lunch so late, that I didn't eat dinner at my normal time. Then I didn't have a normal dinner. Just some pasta. Now, I'm a little tired, and ready to go to bed pretty soon. I'm waiting to see if the winds will blow me away tomorrow morning as I leave for rehab!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

This Will Be Brief!

I know I haven't posted for several days. I've spent this week playing the "Am I getting sick or am I not?" game. I think my happy outings on Sunday and Monday made me feel a bit run down. I had a questionable throat for a couple days, so I pummeled myself with honey, lemon, oranges, and Vitamin C. Wednesday and Thursday, I spent most of it sleeping. I guess I needed it! Friday, I had an earache, but that had kept coming on and off this week, too. Today wasn't too bad. Well, except that after showering, I realized I had some really bad muscle pain near my shoulder. Tylenol didn't work, and a heating pad sorta helped. It's not too bad tonight, but still there. I must have slept funny somehow!

Today I went to coffee with Jeannie and Mo. On the way to Starbucks, Erin called me to ask if I wanted to go to dinner with her and Eve, and the kids (Erin's daughter and Eve's son). She said she was going to leave by 4:30, so she'd call me to see if I was home from coffee. I got home by 4:25!! And by 4:45, Erin had picked me up!! So, we all ate at Olive Garden after waiting a crazy hour and a half for a table!! By the time I got home, it was about 9pm, and I was beyond exhausted. Sooooooo, I am now off to bed!! I am going to a birthday party at Lasertron tomorrow afternoon. I'm kinda said that I can't participate with the kids, and shoot people! LOL! Of course, I'm probably a great target, so I'm sure I'd be out right away! Anyway, I need my energy to be around all those rambunctious boys!!! lol Wish me luck!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

I'm An Aunt Again!!!

My sister, Lisa, had her baby tonight!! Her water broke this afternoon at work, and when she went to the doctor, he said the baby had flipped around over the weekend so that it was breech. So, they scheduled a c-section for 9pm tonight.

I just found out that the baby is a boy! I have another nephew!!! Somehow, everyone seemed to know they were going to have a boy! And I know that Lisa and Brandon were really hoping for a boy. So, they were blessed with one!! The baby weighed 7lb 8oz, and measured 20in.

The baby has a name, but I don't really post the names of my nieces or nephews here. And, apparently, they aren't sure how they want to spell the baby's name yet! lol Lisa is doing pretty good, just resting, and when I spoke to Brandon a few moments ago, he said Lisa was holding the baby for the first time. He sounded absolutely on Cloud Nine, too!! He kept saying the baby is as cute as a button!!

So, congrats, Lisa and Brandon on the new little person in your life!! I know you will love him wiht all your hearts!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Breaking Free!!

Today I went to church with my mom, because I knew it was going to be "warmer" than it has been for awhile! Well, warm enough for me to be venturing out. When she picked me up, I was all wrapped up in my scarf, and when I stepped outside, I was like wow, it feels like spring!!! The sun was shining brightly, and this time it wasn't too deceiving!! After church, my mom dropped me off at my apartment quick so I could get my bag, and we went for a quick lunch at Tim Horton's. After an ok chicken salad sandwich, and a not so great half container of beef barley soup (disappointing, their soup is usually good!), we went to the movies!

I have been wanting to see Slumdog Millionaire for awhile, because it's been getting some really great reviews. It won the Golden Globe for Best Picture, and after seeing the movie, I really hope it wins the Oscar! It was one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time! The storyline is about a young man (18yr old) who wins the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, and who is accused of cheating during the game. Why? Because he grew up in the slums of India, and couldn't possibly have known any of the answers to the questions in the game. The movie is also a bit of a love story. It was soooo well put together, the story just flowed, and never got boring. I just really loved it! So if anyone out there was hesitating about going, I really suggest you try to see it! It's a real eye opener about how children and people grew up in the slums of India. Just a really good movie (did I say that already?? Oh well!!).

Annette, if I may, I'd like to borrow your puppies' paws to give this movie 8 puppy paws up!! Of course, if they are laying low right now on Prozac, I won't disturb them, and I will use Mittens' paws!! hehe

After the movie, we made a quick stop to Home Depot to look at light fixtures for my bathroom. Then my mom dropped me off at my house so I could get some cookies and banana cake to bring over to their house. When I went to go back outside, my mom had left for her house! LOL She thought I wanted to take a nap! She came back and got me, and I hung out there for several hours. I played around on their computer, read the paper and the ads (Kmart has a possible winner for a kitchen table set, we might go see it tomorrow!!), and ate pizza and wings for dinner. My dad brought me home around 8ish, and I took a bath, talked to Lisa on the phone for a bit, and watched The Office after the Superbowl. So, my day was pretty good! I am off to bed now, for I must be off for bloodwork in the morning. Whoooo hoooo, sense the excitement there!! LOL!

Happy Bit Of News Sunday!

I know I didn't post any happy news last week, but I couldn't find anything worth posting! I was reading this article on Yahoo! a little while ago, and I got a few tears! What a great present for a little kid!! I'm posting the article, but if you'd like, you can also read it here!

Boy's wrapped birthday gift is dad back from Iraq

Fri Jan 30, 3:47 pm ET

DAYTON, Nev. – Gabriel Hurles' sixth birthday party wasn't a surprise, but his present sure was. The kindergartner was so engrossed in the cupcakes his mother brought to his class on Wednesday that he didn't notice the enormous wrapped box off to the side.

"That's one big, giant present," a 6-year-old classmate told him. "See what you got, Gabriel."

Gabriel peeled back the wrapping paper to find the surprise of his young life — his father, an Army mechanic back in Nevada on leave from his second tour in Iraq.

"It's my dad!" he announced to his classmates at Sutro Elementary School in Dayton, a few miles northeast of Carson City. "Hi, Daddy."

Army Spc. Casey Hurles, 23, hadn't seen his son since he left in June. When he learned his leave would coincide with his son's birthday, he hatched a plan to hide out in the 4-foot-tall box.

"It was such a rush of emotion," said Hurles, who said he got butterflies in his stomach while waiting in the box.

After Hurles sat down and ate a cupcake with the birthday boy, teacher Dawn VanSickle presented him with a banner from the class that read, "Welcome Home. Thank you for your service."

VanSickle said she was happy to arrange the reunion in her classroom.

"One of the first things (Gabriel) shared about himself was that his dad was in Iraq and that he was waiting for his dad to come home," she said. "He talks about his dad all the time."

Hurles, who joined the Army four years ago, is a mechanic in the 1st Cavalry Division stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. He completed one tour in Iraq and is seven months into his second tour. He expects to finish sometime this summer.

Gabriel said he looks forward to playing with his dad over the next two weeks but understands why he has to leave again.

"He has to work," Gabriel said. "He works in the war."