Happy Bit of News Sunday!

I'm not sure what it is about finding good news that is so darn hard. I wanted to try doing this every week, but I either have been way too busy, or there just hasn't been anything inspiring that I've come across. This video clip is something I watched on the NBC Nightly News broadcast on Friday night. Every Friday, they have a Making a Difference story, and this one was moving to me. I think it's a wonderful idea to help children dealing with cancer, and I hope this program is able to be continued for a long time to come.


Teddybear said…
That was a delight to hear thank you. Sad that the children have to go through so much, but it is good they too have an outlet. Blessings to you, Deb
Nancy said…
I saw this on the news, too. it really is a great program.
MarciaB said…
I usually watch the news, but missed that one. It was a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing!

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