What Have I Been Doing??

I feel like I haven't seen much of my home in the past few days. Ever since Friday, I've spent almost all day, except for a few hours each day, out doing something! I'm surprised I am not more exhausted than I could be, but I am tired. I allowed myself to sleep in a bit this morning, and tomorrow, I have declared it Rest Day. So, here is what I was up to!

I awoke 15 minutes before my alarm to a text message from my cousin in AZ, asking if we were ok. My only thought was about the plane that had crashed in Clarence. I had heard about it the night before, but didn't know too many details. She was the one who told me everyone on board died. It's such a tragedy, and the mood around here has been somber. I've talked to 4 people who knew someone on the plane, or knew someone who knew someone. It's a terrible situation that has happened here, and my prayers have been going out to the victims and their families.

I had a dentist appt at 10:10am, then after that, I hung out at Mandy's for a little while before we went out to a bead store in Amherst. It was a nice store, but a lot of stuff was waaaay too pricey. I did, however, by myself some swarovskis to make Medic Alert bracelets for myself. Something fancier!! I spent $25, and I know for sure I could have gotten cheaper swarovskis online. Oh well, guess I just splurged on myself at a local store. We got back to the Falls after a stop at a couple other stores, and I went home after that to take it easy for a little bit.

My friend, Karen, was in town this weekend, and so on Friday night we had dinner, then went to Carter's for a bit to look for some children outfits, and then we went to see Doubt. The movie was, ummmm, ok. I wasn't exactly thrilled with it. The acting was good, but the whole story line left me confused and disappointed. I'd only give it one paw up for the acting! I got home after 11, and went to bed shortly afterward!

Saturday, I met Karen for lunch at Tim Horton's, and then we were off to see another movie. She wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire, and I gladly went with her! I just love the movie!! We said our goodbyes after the movie was over, and I went back home for a little while. I tried to take a nap, but it just didn't work too well. My friend, Eve, came over and picked me up, then picked up Erin, and we went to a restaurant called Shannon's Pub. It was a nice place, had good appetizers (that's all we ordered to eat!), and a big area for an Irish band. We hung out for awhile with a friend of Eve's from work, and when we finally left, I had to drive Eve's car because she had had 4 chocolate martinis. Mmmmm, wish I coulda had one! I had one drink, but that was it. I dropped Erin off at her house, then Eve and I hung out at my house for a couple hours before Eve went home. It was a fun night!

I really needed groceries, so my mom picked me up this afternoon, and we went to a few stores. I am now stocked up for a couple weeks at least. It was nice to actually relax on the couch for the evening tonight after dinner! I am not planning on leaving the house tomorrow, and I might not even get out of pjs! I'll have to see how I feel when I get up in the morning. And so, on that note, I am off to bed!!


Nancy said…
When I heard about the crash, I immediately thought of you because I heard it was in your area. It is sad that so many lost their lives. I am glad that you are okay.
Jen said…
Man..You have been busy :)) glad that you got groceries too...LOL

Have a "PJ" day..sounds like you need one..Hope you rest up for a new week :))
Take care

Love & hugs,

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