I'm An Aunt Again!!!

My sister, Lisa, had her baby tonight!! Her water broke this afternoon at work, and when she went to the doctor, he said the baby had flipped around over the weekend so that it was breech. So, they scheduled a c-section for 9pm tonight.

I just found out that the baby is a boy! I have another nephew!!! Somehow, everyone seemed to know they were going to have a boy! And I know that Lisa and Brandon were really hoping for a boy. So, they were blessed with one!! The baby weighed 7lb 8oz, and measured 20in.

The baby has a name, but I don't really post the names of my nieces or nephews here. And, apparently, they aren't sure how they want to spell the baby's name yet! lol Lisa is doing pretty good, just resting, and when I spoke to Brandon a few moments ago, he said Lisa was holding the baby for the first time. He sounded absolutely on Cloud Nine, too!! He kept saying the baby is as cute as a button!!

So, congrats, Lisa and Brandon on the new little person in your life!! I know you will love him wiht all your hearts!!


Jen said…
Congrats..I was just checking to see if you posted yet..LOL

Glad all is Ok and a new Nephew..How exciting:)))

Take care and get some rest now..

Love & Hugs,
Nancy said…
Kathy said…
Such a blessing :)
~ Lor said…

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