Oh My!

Today I ventured out because it was in the 50s, and I needed to get out! I went to Walmart first. I had a short list of things to get, but I took some time. I got to the section with face washes and stuff, and I was looking for a St. Ives product for acne that Ali had recommended. While crouched down on the ground (the product was that low!), I saw an acne kit. Now, I've seen several of these kits before. All of them are against the Proactiv kit that you see on tv, because their packaging all say how much less expensive it is! Well, the brand I saw is from AcneFree. The particular kit I picked up is for severe acne. If you saw my face without makeup, you'd definitely agree it's severe. It has a Retinol cream in it, to only use at night. The price for the kit was $23.74, I think. So here I had this kit in my hand, and the St. Ives for $3.99 in the other hand. What to buy??? I could try to keep doing what I've been doing for about a month with the cleanser and another acne treatment I've had. Or, I could try the kit, which would probably last about 2 months, maybe 3, and see if it does anything. It took me 10 minutes to decide, and in that time, I got so emotional about it, because I just want better skin. I actually got a little verclempt in the aisle, and there was no one around to tell them to talk amongst themselves! Ok, that may be funny, but seriously, I really did get teary. Anyway, I finally decided to try the kit. I figured that if it didn't help after 3 months, then I guess I really need to see the dermatologist. I honestly prayed when I got home today that this will help. I never realized how much of a confidence killer acne could be. I don't like the way it's making me feel!!

Anyway, after the Walmart trip, I drove to Niagara University, where I went to college! It's hard to believe I graduated almost 12 years ago. Geesh!! I was going to visit the Financial Aid office, where I called home for 4 years. I worked there while going to school, and many of the people I worked with are still there. My former boss had about 200 jewelry boxes she wanted to give me for my jewelry. I asked her where all the jewelry was that went along with it!! lol She had 3 bags full, and she said I'd never be able to carry it to my car, so I walked with her to the parking lot. As we walked, she told me she had a lung issue, and that she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.

::::::Screeeeech to a halt:::::: What?????

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I said "Are you kidding me?? That's what I have!" Which she already knew for years. And she replied, "Yes, I know!" She told me she was diagnosed by echo, and CT scan, and that she had some pain in her stomach area, and that her stomach feels like it's squishing around. Now, of course, that lead me to wonder if she really does have PH. I told her an rhc was the true diagnosis, and that an echo can be off. I told her that I would definitely be emailing her all kinds of information, including the PHA website, and the name of the local PH doctor I see here. When I did email her, I put my phone number for her to call me with questions!! We really couldn't talk too long because she had to run to a dentist appt, so I really do hope I get to talk to her again really soon.

If she really does have PH, it'll be the first person I know personally who's been diagnosed with this disease. I don't wish that on anyone!! So, I'm hoping that she really doesn't have it. But, at least she knows she can talk to someone if she does. It was just a big shock to me today, I never thought I would hear that diagnosis from anyone I know!

I got home after visiting with a few others I used to work with, and tried to rest a little, but I was just on overtime thinking mode. And I ate lunch so late, that I didn't eat dinner at my normal time. Then I didn't have a normal dinner. Just some pasta. Now, I'm a little tired, and ready to go to bed pretty soon. I'm waiting to see if the winds will blow me away tomorrow morning as I leave for rehab!!


Wendy's Mom said…
You know it is really amazing how PH for so long no one knew much about it unless you were a Baby and diagnosed with it then. But now that it is a little more known they seem to want to diagnose everyone and their brother with it.
I truly hope your friend does not have PH but if she does then she is lucky to have her on her side.

Nancy said…
What a blessing you are to your friend. You can provide her some support and help guide her through the frustrating times ahead whether she truly has PH or not.
Jen said…
OMG..is right...Wow..I am sure you were...IDK how even to repond..If she does have PH I am happy she will have you to help her out and support..I hope she has a RHC soon and find out if it is PH..I hope and pray NOT...maybe it is something that is "fixable"..

I guess you will be making lots more jewelry:))
Have a great day at Rehab...
Love & hugs,
TTYL in chat???

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