I Have A Date Tonight.....

.....and his name is Oscar. Oscar is a pretty cool guy, and he likes to give out awards for everything movie-related. Ok, I know you're rolling your eyes at me now. lol I am not always a fan of watching the Oscars, but this year, I have it bad for one of the movies nominated for 10 of those golden statues. I don't know what it is about Slumdog Millionaire that has gotten me obsessed about the movie. I have seen it twice, and I seriously want to see it again. I might wait until it gets to our cheap theater, because $3.50 is a lot more affordable than $9.50! When it comes out on DVD, you bet your bippy it's mine!! And I looooooove the soundtrack, which also happens to be nominated. I didn't think I'd really like all the Indian music, but there is something about it that I'm drawn to as well. The movie is a love story, but the viewer must take a trip down memory lane for the young man in search of his true love. The twists and turns in this movie are wonderful, and I really give Danny Boyle a lot of credit for making this movie turn out as great as it did. So, I hope Oscar won't disappoint by the end of the night by giving Slumdog it's highest honors. But, if it doesn't happen to win, it doesn't matter to me. The movie gets tons of awards and props in my book!!


Jen said…
LOL Hope you had a great date:)) You were on a date with Oscar and chatting...LOL
That is just messed up...LOL

I need to see that movie..maybe soon..
Hugs & love,
Jen said…
and..BTW..does Mason know about Oscar??LMAO
Kathy said…
I will definitely rent it once it is out thanks to your rave reviews :)

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