Breaking Free!!

Today I went to church with my mom, because I knew it was going to be "warmer" than it has been for awhile! Well, warm enough for me to be venturing out. When she picked me up, I was all wrapped up in my scarf, and when I stepped outside, I was like wow, it feels like spring!!! The sun was shining brightly, and this time it wasn't too deceiving!! After church, my mom dropped me off at my apartment quick so I could get my bag, and we went for a quick lunch at Tim Horton's. After an ok chicken salad sandwich, and a not so great half container of beef barley soup (disappointing, their soup is usually good!), we went to the movies!

I have been wanting to see Slumdog Millionaire for awhile, because it's been getting some really great reviews. It won the Golden Globe for Best Picture, and after seeing the movie, I really hope it wins the Oscar! It was one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time! The storyline is about a young man (18yr old) who wins the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, and who is accused of cheating during the game. Why? Because he grew up in the slums of India, and couldn't possibly have known any of the answers to the questions in the game. The movie is also a bit of a love story. It was soooo well put together, the story just flowed, and never got boring. I just really loved it! So if anyone out there was hesitating about going, I really suggest you try to see it! It's a real eye opener about how children and people grew up in the slums of India. Just a really good movie (did I say that already?? Oh well!!).

Annette, if I may, I'd like to borrow your puppies' paws to give this movie 8 puppy paws up!! Of course, if they are laying low right now on Prozac, I won't disturb them, and I will use Mittens' paws!! hehe

After the movie, we made a quick stop to Home Depot to look at light fixtures for my bathroom. Then my mom dropped me off at my house so I could get some cookies and banana cake to bring over to their house. When I went to go back outside, my mom had left for her house! LOL She thought I wanted to take a nap! She came back and got me, and I hung out there for several hours. I played around on their computer, read the paper and the ads (Kmart has a possible winner for a kitchen table set, we might go see it tomorrow!!), and ate pizza and wings for dinner. My dad brought me home around 8ish, and I took a bath, talked to Lisa on the phone for a bit, and watched The Office after the Superbowl. So, my day was pretty good! I am off to bed now, for I must be off for bloodwork in the morning. Whoooo hoooo, sense the excitement there!! LOL!


~ Lor said…
Sounds like you had a really nice weekend. Can't beat those nice weather days either. We've been having them here lately too. Gotta take advantage of it when you can!

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