Blasts From The Past!

I've been cleaning today. For some reason, I'm in a cleaning mode, and heck, if I feel like doing it, I might as well!! How often does a person just WANT to clean, instead of HAVE to?? Well, I was dusting in the bedroom, and I decided to go through my drawer in the nightstand. I guess I could call this drawer the memory drawer. I have quite a bit of stuff from my childhood in there, and as many times as I have cleaned it out, I still keep the stuff that reminds me of being a kid!! I found my childhood diary as well. I didn't write too much, but the entries I read a bit ago made my die laughing! I'm going to see if I can just scan the entries and post them here. We'll see. I was 10 when I started it, and man, my handwriting was atrocious!! My last entry in there was in 1993, and what a difference almost 10 years made in how well I write now. Anyway, below are some toys I found in the drawer. I know I still have E.T. figurines somewhere, but they might be in the other room, and I'm not cleaning that one!! lol
This was some sort of character on a cartoon I can't remember! The toy flipped from the boy above, to the character below. I wish I could remember the name!! The only thing I do know is that it was a toy from a McDonald's kids meal. lol
This is a Nerf dude!! You could take them apart and move their heads around, or change what they were wearing. We used to bounce the head around. LOL
This was a mini troll doll, that you can stick on a pencil or pen. I thought the bigger ones were ugly, but I still kept this one! Love the pink hair, and I can't believe it has stayed in that twist all these years. lol
This is my Hotwheels car!! The bottom of it says 1980. The most surprising thing is that it still actually works!! You have to squeeze the key and it'll go flying. I still think they should make the cars like this. haha!
I really think I have more Smurf figurines around somewhere. They might be with my E.T. stuff. I don't remember, but this is one of them that I kept!


Nancy said…
What a fun post.

I have a full-sized Troll somewhere and maybe a Smurf.
Jen said…
OMG Colleen..I actually cleaned out my Nightstand drawers today..Just lots of cards and stuff I saved,I was reading all of them thinking of the past..Not near as fun as your toys...I loved those Trolls...also I must have got some of that cleaning bug..I am washing all the bedsheets today as well...LOL..My cleaning bug does not last as long as yours it seems...LOL

Hugs & love,
BTW Nice talking with ya last night :)) Thx again..
Barbara Howard said…
Oh colleen that sure does bring back memories from when my children were small they had all that stuff and I remember driving 1 1/2 hour on my days off to get the mcdonalds toys for them because we did not have a mcdonalds, Boy I sure was a good mom. I had forgotton all about that untill I saw yours. LOl
Jeannie said…
hi colleen... how cute that you saved some of your toys! my niece must be about your age... when she was about 6 or 7 i spent weeks making this elaborate wardrobe for her Christmas doll... a babydoll. i also gave her a large stuffed ET... and i NEVER saw those doll clothes on anything except ET! he was her all time favorite and i still can't think of ET except wearing a pink dress... ;-). thanks for sharing your toys. JeannieTX

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