Wednesday, April 30, 2008

27 Out Of 30!

That's how many days of exercising I did for April!! I missed one Sunday because I was just busy and so tired by the end of my day, that there wasn't any way I'd walk. And I missed this past Saturday and Sunday because I was trying to give my foot a break. But I'm soooooo glad that I walked so much! I'm up to about 9-10 minutes at a time now. I am at the stage where I feel really guilty if I don't walk. I guess that's a good thing!!

I thought that I was getting a cold earlier this week. I guess it ended up being the change in weather this week. It went from almost summery weather to early fall temps. YUCK! I knew there was a reason the plastic still needed to be up! I know I said I'd take it down May 1st, but I'm thinking I'll still probably wait. Maybe a few more days, who knows. I'm just hoping the cooler weather will disappear again, and not come back til the real fall season!

I'm going to a basket auction on Friday evening with Joanie and my mom. It should be fun! I haven't been to one in years. Apparently there are over 100 baskets. I bought 25 tickets, but somehow I think I might get another sheet! Or maybe I'll find something I really really like, and put all 25 tickets in it. lol Either way, it should be a good time!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh Crap

My mom called me a little bit ago. Kim, my housemate, won't be my housemate in a month. She gave my mom her 30-day notice. I guess since she isn't sure she'll have a teaching job for next year, she is just going to move back to her parents' house in Ransomville (the boonies, some people around here call it). This really sucks. I liked her, she was actually paying rent, and on time!

I wouldn't really worry about this too much if it weren't for the fact that my mom isn't the best at being a landlord. She doesn't do things so she won't get trampled all over by a tenant, like the one we had last year, Joseph. Never asked for a background check, never asked for a security deposit. She didn't with Kim, either, despite the fact that my best friend's husband is Kim's cousin. I've never heard of a landlord not asking for at least a security deposit! Anyway, I could vent on and on, but I need to get myself ready to go have FUN tonight. This is already stressing me out!!

Some New Stuff!

Yesterday I went to Fashion Bug with Joan, and despite the fact I had no money, I bought (more like swiped my card) two cute skirts for the summer. Now, I can't tell you how long it's been since I've bought myself anything. Of course, I buy my household stuff, vitamins I need, toiletries, etc. But come on, how fun is that?? I hardly ever buy myself things, like clothes. I've been getting "new" clothes from one of my friends husband's cousin the past couple years, because she basically is around my size. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind at all getting clothes someone else isn't going to wear anymore!! But anyway, I got these skirts, and despite the cost, I have a feeling I'll be wearing them alot during the summer. So I guess it's a purchase that won't go to waste!

Today, I bought sneakers. To be quite honest, this has been a necessity for a very long time, but I didn't have the money for it either. I had no money for it today (another swiped purchase), but with the condition of my right foot, I seriously had to get something new. I wasn't sure how they'd fit, since I wore flip flops to the store, and I didn't have my inserts. I've had these strong plastic inserts for shoes ever since I was like 12 or 13. I've always had bunions, and the inserts were supposed to help them not grow so much while I was still in some growing years. Well, I've never given them up! I wear them in my shoes and boots all the time. In the summertime, I wear my sandals or other open-toed shoes. The funny thing is, I wear a size 6 in sandals, and I have to buy a size 7 shoe to fit my inserts. I wish I could buy 6's all the time! So anyway, I bought the sneakers, came home and tried them on with my socks and inserts, and they feel so much more comfortable than my shoddy old sneakers. My foot still hurts, but at least now I have new sneakers to see if they will help eventually!

My friend bought jewelry from me today for a basket auction next week for the high school. I donated some of it to her, especially bracelets that I don't seem to be selling at all. She said there are about 100 baskets, so I'll be going to it with my mom and Joan. It should be fun, I haven't gone to one in years!

Well I am going to make yet another necklace, and maybe rest up for tonight. My friend, Dee, is having people over for her birthday, which was Thursday. I'm bringing jewelry over, too, so it'll be a fun night! I think wine is also going to be involved, YUM! I'll have a few sips or two! haha

Friday, April 25, 2008


I had a dream this morning that I was ripping off the plastic on my windows by scraping my nails down it, as if I was scraping a chalkboard. Joanie was helping me. It was strange! I guess I'm anxious for May 1st to come around. lol The weather here will start getting a bit chillier than what we've been having within a couple days. I think I saw a day next week in the mid-40s. That is not very nice!!

I finally went to the nurse practitioner about my right foot yesterday. It wasn't getting any better, and it's been a week since the top of it started hurting. It's still just the slightest bit swollen, and the lovely vein I have sticking out of my foot (been like that all my life!!) is red and tender. Right where the sneakers I wear hit all the time. The NP seems to think my sneakers have alot to do with it. She asked if I've done anything different lately, and it dawned on me that I've gotten back into exercising, and I'm doing it every day! Now, this same problem has happened before a couple times, and I'm realizing now that they were also times I started exercising again, but it went away after a few days. I think that is mainly because I would walk 2-3 times a week, not every day like I am now. Anyway, the NP told me this has happened often to her with certain shoes she has, and she was pretty sure that is what's going on with me. She told me I didn't have to quit exercising. She just said not to wear my sneakers the entire day, something I've been doing alot the past week, mainly to prevent my foot from hurting so much! I'm still icing it, still keeping it up alot. I'm not taking anything for the pain, since Tylenol isn't doing anything. It's not too horrible. I guess I have a high tolerance for pain, kinda like my dad. lol Tomorrow I will try soaking it in epsom salt, since I thought about it tonight, and forgot to do it, and now it's too late! Hopefully, by Monday, it'll be a little better. If not, I will get an xray done, since the NP wrote out a script for one, and said I can get it done if I wanted to if things weren't getting better.

The COOL thing about the NP was that she used to work at Buffalo Generals' ICU unit, and she helped many PH patients with Flolan! So, I was kinda excited to know that she was actually familiar with PH! She told me she still had friends and colleagues working there, so if I ever needed anything, to let her know! I thought that was awesome!

I babysat today, I babysit tomorrow, and I have a friend's birthday party to go to on Saturday night. So, I'm continuing my busy trend. I'm also on 23 days of exercising! Now I'm at the stage where I feel guilty about not walking. Which I guess is a good thing, so I won't try to slack off! lol

No decisions made about the PH boards yet. I'm sure I'll end up back there, but I'm just not sure when. I'm not quite ready yet.

Well, I'm off to bed! Gotta get some rest for another busy day! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

At A Loss

I have had PH for 32 years so far. When I was about 26, 27, I found out about the PH website, and I read the boards for a couple weeks before I started posting there. Over the years, I have made many good phriends. I've lost many good phriends, and some phriends have disappeared without knowing what even happened to them. I've learned so much about PH and everything that goes along with it. I've discovered people who have gone through things I've dealt with my entire life. The PH website has been like a godsend to me, and I have been thankful for finding out about it.

Over the years, there have often been rifts and arguments here and there. People disagree, it's bound to happen. Some carry it on a little too long, but then it somehow ends. The past several months have been the worst I've ever seen. It's been awful. I admit to reading almost all of them, and have only joined in a couple times, but for the most part, I've stayed out of alot. The most recent wave of crap going on was this past weekend, although it started a couple weeks ago. I was so disgusted that I didn't read any of it. In fact, I've hardly been reading the boards at all now. It's making me sick that it's going on. I take no sides with any of it, I just wish it would end permanently.

Tonight I found out more news that really just makes me so angry and sad at the same time. I won't really go into details, because it would just cause more hurt feelings, and I don't want that to happen. However, my feelings are deeply shaken over this, and I am really pondering whether to stay within the PH community right now or not.

I did not sign up for this. All I wanted was to be around people who understood me, and who wanted to help others deal with this disease. To bring each other down and rip each other apart because of different opinions, which everyone is entitled to, is not what I came to the PHA for. This is just so upsetting to me. I really need to just figure out what I want to do, because I do need these people, and I'd like to think they need me, too. I just don't need all the bullshit that comes with it. For goodness sakes, we are all dealing with a terrible illness.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Thoughts!

First off, I put a new playlist on my blog. I don't think alot of people will like the music, so I don't have the songs starting automatically. Just hit play on the playlist if you're brave enough to see what I picked! LOL They are songs I've heard on the radio lately that I really like. Most of them are dance!

I had a fantastic day yesterday! The weather was gorgeous, so I was out in it for most of the afternoon! I had to get drugs, so after I left the pharmacy, I went to visit Grandpa in the cemetary. My Grandpa died in 1994, and I go often to the cemetary to "talk" to him. I miss him alot, even after all this time. After that, I went to see if my Dad was still at his shop, which he was! He put the clamp he got on my muffler, although I think my muffler is going to need a replacement shortly. I left his shop after awhile and stopped by my parents' house, and my mom offered me lunch. It was a yummy sandwich! After that I went back home and repotted my last 2 spider plants in my kitchen. I did that in my front yard. I finally was tired enough to go lay down, but minutes after, one of my friends called me. I stared at the phone wondering if I should get it, because she sure can talk your ear off! I did anyway, and ended up being on the phone for an hour and a half! lol After that I said forget the nap, and called another friend, Dee. We decided to go out to eat, and that was a good time! We came back here and hung out for a bit, before she decided to leave. So it was a great day! Not to mention that I still even exercised before doing all that!

Of course, I finally settled down to read the message boards last night, and they are chaos again. What a way to ruin my great day. I didn't even read half of it. I have decided to stay off the boards for awhile. I have seen rifts on the board throughout the last 5 years, but this is just the worst I've seen it. No one can seem to let go. So the only time I'll be posting for a few weeks is for my Tuesday afternoon chats, which I don't even feel like doing either. But I will! Hopefully things will have calmed down by the time I decide to go back, but we'll see.

I'm going to a birthday party for 2yr old twins this afternoon. I hope they have alcohol for the adults. LOL! I am kidding, it should be fun! The twins are Mandy's friend's kids, and we haven't even seen them yet since they were born. There are going to be so many little ones there! I am following Mandy in her car, since I can't squeeze in between the car seats in her car. lol So if I see there are alot of sick kids, at least I can leave!

Well I am going to get my exercise in since I go to church at 11am on Sundays, the usual time I walk during the week. Then I will relax before the party!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bad Kitty!!

Someone's been blogging late at night when I'm asleep, or when I'm out and about. I've always wondered what he does when I'm not around, and then I catch him in my computer chair! Now I guess I know!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Bit Of Really Good News!!

While we were waiting for church to start this morning, my dad asked me if my mom told me about his bloodwork results. I said no. So he said to me, "I'm officially a cancer survivor." I was so happy, I had a couple tears in my eyes!! I told him that was such great news! He goes back to Roswell on Tuesday to have a checkup with the doctor there, but there should be good news. It's just such a relief to me that my dad decided to have the surgery done back in October, and that he's done really well since then. Thank goodness!!!

Days Sure Do Go By Fast

I realized I haven't posted anything since Sunday. Geesh! Every time I wanted to, it ended up getting too late, or I'd forget completely. Things are ok here. It was kind of a tiring week physically, although I still did get my exercise in! Even on Tuesday, when I hadn't exercised at my usual time because I had bloodwork done, and I was too exhausted to later on. I felt so guilty about it, that I ended up walking during the time I had in between the sports segment on the local news, and the beginning of the nightly news. During those 7 minutes, I was done, and got back in the living in time to see Brian Williams introducing the night's main segments. lol

I do have to admit, though, that I did not exercise today. I actually went to church this morning with my parents. I haven't gone since November. I was too sick during the holidays to go, then I became too paranoid about possibly getting sick after I started feeling better. I was very self-conscious about people coughing and sneezing during mass today, but it's so hard to know this time of year if it's a cold or if it's allergies. Since I don't go to church with my bag, I'll have to start bringing a mini bottle of Purell with me, so I can just squirt some on my hands if I decide to say peace! At least it would be something!

Anyway, after church, I came home for a little while before leaving again with my mom to go to a meeting for our church and the other church we are merging with. I had lunch, and a friend came by with some clothes for me to try on from her husband's cousin. Luckily, most of the stuff will fit me, which is good since alot of it is summer tshirts, and I could SOOO use some new ones! So after that, my mom picked me up and we went to the meeting, which was fairly long. Some people are just not happy with the idea that we are merging, but we don't have a choice. The Catholic diocese in the Western NY area is shrinking by the minute, and if we don't do this now, our future will be really dismal in years to come. Some people just aren't getting that, and it's mainly the older people. After an hour and a half, my mom and I decided to leave. It was getting too long, the same people were bringing up the same questions, and my leg really really hurt because we were sitting on wooden bleachers. Not nice!!

I went to my parents for dinner after that, we had hamburgers! By the time my mom dropped me off at home, I was just way too tired to try walking. I feel a little guilty about it, but I think that it's ok to have one day off now and then. I'm determined to walk tomorrow, though!

Other events during my week included making jewelry, seeing my niece, getting groceries, finally going out to dinner with one of my best friends for her birthday (which was last month), and going out to lunch/dinner with another friend and her hubby. Oh, and also babysitting one afternoon! So I've been trying to keep busy, but I still am getting rest when I need it, too!

So far, this week's impending activities include more exercising, more jewelry making, going with my sister to find some birthday gifts to a party we were invited to for 2yr old twins, going to coffee with a few friends, and probably babysitting by the end of the week. And who knows, things pop up all the time, so something extra might be added in there! lol

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Today is another sunshiney day here in Niagara Falls! It's also a bit warmer than it was yesterday, which was another sunshiney day! Spring is actually starting to pick up around here. It's about time! Something that made me really happy yesterday was finally seeing a robin! In fact, I saw three (Ali, they finally made it here, whooo hooo!!)!! Yay, spring has sprung!!

Today has been Day 6 of exercising! Or, as my 2 1/2 year old niece would say, "ekercising." I have to admit, that besides starting again on Tuesday, it's been a mental battle with myself to actually get on the treadmill. Every day, I've thought of reasons NOT to walk. And then I have to yell at myself and tell myself I need to get my ass on the treadmill!! LOL! I'm not running any marathons, that's for sure. In fact, all I've been doing so far are 6mws. Sometimes I've been tired, sometimes I've felt like walking more, but I really need to make sure I don't overdo it, so I've been keeping it at 6 minutes. After that, I do some stretches and leg lifts, nothing strenuous! I end my workout by lifting a 5lb weight. So far, my exercising has taken me about 1/2 hour. And I've been feeling good! I'm doing my best to keeping up with it, because I really know that sitting around is soooo much easier. I sat around all winter because I was sick, so now I'm trying to just get a little more energy!

Yesterday I went to Walmart and got a bunch of things. I felt like we were in the store forever and ever. I hate going there on a weekend, but I didn't really have a choice because I ran out of shampoo and conditioner. That's kinda something I need! After that, I came home and napped for awhile. Then last night, I went out for a drink with Joanie, and one of her friends. It was nice to be out for a little bit! I had a sex on the beach drink, and the guy put in quite a bit of alcohol. Despite not drinking for months, I really didn't feel it! LOL We left after about an hour and a half, and just when Joan's friend got on my street and turned the corner to drop me off, we heard a weird noise with her tire. I opened the door to get out, and the tire was whoooshing out air! I don't know what pierced her tire, but it felt big, and the tire was flat within a few minutes. Needless to say, Joan's friend was not happy! She called her boyfriend, and he eventually got here to change the tire. The only thing I was happy about (I did feel bad about her tire!) was that it happened right at my house!! And Joan just walked home after her friend left, since she lives right down the street. It was an eventful evening, that's for sure!!

I added 4 songs to my playlist. Jen, Pocketful of Sunshine is on there, since you mentioned it!! hehe! After much searching, I also found a song by Alicia Keys that was on last week's episode of Medium. It's called The Thing About Love. I hadn't heard of it before the show, and I knew it was Alicia Keys right away! I am really liking her latest album so far, maybe I should get it! lol

Well, I need to dry my hair so I can go outside and and enjoy the sunshine and warmth!! I'm still debating whether it's safe to remove the plastic from my windows! When I finally do that, it's a sign that spring is here to stay for awhile!! Happy Sunday!! :)