Thursday, February 28, 2008

Loss Of A Myspace Phriend

I just found out that a wonderful phriend has passed away. Shell was someone I didn't know in person, but I met her on Myspace maybe a year ago. She had PH, and a host of other issues she struggled through, but with such courage and fight in her, you'd never know how sick she really was. She went through so much besides being ill, and I felt honored that she would talk to me if she needed to get some things off her chest. She was an incredibly kind person, leaving cute comments on my space if she noticed I was sick or down. Shell was in the process of trying to get on a transplant list, a very difficult process, but one she wanted so very much. Shell is now breathing freely forever. May she know how much she truly touched the people in her life, from her close family and friends, to her phriends and others she may have "met" in the online world. God Bless you, Shell. I will miss your smiles, your jokes, your witty surveys and your uplifting comments. God has added a wonderful Angel up in Heaven!

Her Myspace link is You can immediately tell how many lives she touched by the pictures she had on her page, and the many comments being left remembering her. I am just so sad that she is gone.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grrr, Snow!

Well yet again, it's a winter wonderfrigginland outside. I have to say, I'm tired of the snow!!! I know spring is still a few weeks away, but come on. The snow, the bitter cold, the mostly sunless days, have just got to end. Can you tell I'm ready for spring????

I suppose I should dry my hair. I have a few things I want to do today before I babysit this afternoon for an hour. My poor fishies need their homes cleaned, for one thing! I might try organizing my kitchen table, if that's possible! So I guess that's it for now! Happy Wednesday!! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Days Make For Tiredness!!

I have been doing better lately, physically anyway. I'm slowly getting energy back to be able to do things, like walking on the treadmill (even if it's only a few minutes at a time, it's a start!), some chores around the house, and going out more. It's like I've been stuck in a prison all winter, and I'm being let out on good behavior, and I don't know what to do first! Friday and Saturday, I had lunch with two of my friends. Friday, Renee came here, and we went to a local place called Michael's. The food was great, and after, we just came back here and exchanged Christmas gifts (finally!!), and chatted. It was nice to see her, since I've talked to her almost every day and haven't been able to get together all winter. Saturday, I went out to the Boulevard Mall with my friend, Erin, and her daughter. Her daughter is 3, and she was so excited to see her Aunt Colleen! We walked the mall, which I was nervous about doing at first, but we walked at my niece's pace, so it was rather a leisurely stroll! We went to Olive Garden after the mall, and had a really nice lunch. Erin dropped me off after lunch, and I rested for a bit. Later on, I ended up meeting my friend, Dee, at the cheap movie theater to see Juno. FABULOUS movie!! I would highly recommend it to anyone, I really enjoyed it! We went for coffee afterward, and I didn't get home until around 10:30. It was then that I realized I really pushed myself. I probably shouldn't have done the movie!! Today I was able to wash dishes and do a load of laundry, but I slept alot, too. Now it's not even 10:30 and I'm so ready to fall asleep! I have to wait til at least 11 because of the times I take my meds, but I am so going to bed shortly after that!

I found out this week that I could actually file a tax form in order to get money from the tax stimulus plan. I was hesitant at first, since I haven't filed taxes in about 7 years. But I'm only on SSD, and haven't had a need to file. So I filled out the appropriate form, signed my name, and sent it off! Now I am thinking of what to do with $300! I'm thinking either a clothes shopping spree, or a laptop. So far the laptop is winning out! I have a couple months to think about things, so it doesn't have to be a rush decision!

I guess that's it for now. I'm not in the best of moods tonight, and I'm still really tired, so I guess I'll just finish getting myself ready for bed!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Dream Date!

Last Thursday was Valentine's Day, and the day after that, Judi happened to post the topic for February's Artsy Essay Contest! What a coincidence! So I've decided to write about my dream "date" that I had Valentine's Day evening for the contest!

He arrived around 8pm, with a dozen roses and a cute cartoon with his cartoon character, Diggedy, looking at a heart that said "Happy Valentine's Day xoxox Love." I smiled immediately, and thanked him for the sweet gifts. He asked me how my day was, and we chatted for a little while about my phriend who, I found out very shortly before he arrived, had passed away. He wanted to know a little about her, and I found it comforting that he cared enough to ask about someone who meant alot to me and he didn't even know. After a little while, I told him I didn't want to be a downer all evening, and asked where he was taking me. He told me he had several surprises lined up, and off we went to our first destination!

Our first stop was Times Square in NYC. He told me to meet him by the T.G.I.Fridays. It was quite the busy night! The street was bustling with pedestrians of all walks of life hurrying to get to their destination. He and I admired the sights and sounds, and watched a sea of yellow cabs zipping around to pick up customers or drop them off. The air was chilly, so we decided to go to the Hawaiian Tropic bar and restaurant to warm up and have a couple drinks. It was cozy in there, and we chatted over a cosmopolitan and a Samuel Adams. After awhile, we got a little restless, so he said it was off to our next stop!

We went back to Niagara Falls, and were delighted to see that the mighty waters were glowing pink for the holiday! Just standing there, holding hands, and hearing the roar of the water rushing down to the bottom, made us feel more connected. It is no wonder this place used to be the Honeymoon Capital of the world at one time. The Falls are purely magical and can bring bring loved ones together! He and I enjoyed the view for quite some time before he decided we needed to go somewhere more tropical!

The next stop was Cancun, Mexico! I am not exactly sure where we were, maybe by an airport or something, but it was definitely warmer! We sat by a huge replica of a guitar and watched the people passing by. He said he felt so comfortable being with me, and I said I felt the same way. Then he asked me if his shorts made him look too fat, and I had to laugh! He told me I was sexy in my tank top and long skirt, and I just smiled. After only a few minutes, he decided to take me somewhere even more romantic! And warm!

Within minutes we were in the Virgin Islands! This was definitely more tropical than Cancun! We walked a boardwalk, hand in hand, and there didn't seem to be too many people around for that time of night. We had the place to ourselves! I took advantage of that, and kissed him under a palm tree that was swaying slowly in the breeze. It was a rather wonderful kiss, and just stayed there for several moments before he said we were going to hop the pond and travel somewhere else!

We made it to London a bit later, and we were both shocked that it was rainy and dreary! Ha! Trafalgar Square was rather busy for the time of night we were there, or should I say very early morning (about 2:30am!). I got a little giddy at seeing a double decker bus, but he was disappointed that he missed it! He said he had an uncle in London, so I suggested we go visit. Despite my point that we traveled all this way, he said the idea was a bad one since his uncle is a rather grumpy fellow. Well then, no visiting then! Instead, we made our way to the next city!

The City of Love was the next stop, but sadly, Paris was foggy!! We could only see the bottom third of the Eiffel Tower, which was rather disappointing! He decided instead to head us on over the Champs-Elysees! Now that was better! Although it was almost 3:30am, we took a slow, leisurely walk (promenade?) down the street, admiring the lights and the busyness for that time of night. We walked all the way to the Arc de Triomphe, and just looked with amazement at the beauty of that structure. It was quite breathtaking! We admired for some before he said he had two more cities to take me, and we were off to the next one!

Rome was on the agenda after Paris, and there really wasn't anyone around to get in our way of "roaming" the streets. Hehe! The Coliseum was intriguing in the darkness, seeming one hundreds time bigger than it really is. We wandered the city looking at the architecture, sensing the oldness of the pavement and the history that abounded there. Many places were really too dark to see, so we made our way to the final city he had on his list!

Out of all the cities we journeyed thru on our wonderful Valentine's Day evening, the last one was my favorite! Not only was it the middle of the day, but it was also actually the next day! We were in Sydney Harbour, and it was bustling with activity!! Traffic was flowing on the highways, the harbour was alive with all sizes of vessels traveling to and fro, and the skies were clear and bright and full of gulls! Seeing the Opera House right on the water was amazing and absolutely beautiful! He and I just sat and watched the scene for what seemed like hours before we finally decided to head back home!

He brought me back to the home, and we both agreed that despite going to so many amazing places, the best part about it was that we got to travel together. We also realized how much sharing the sites and sounds together made us feel closer, and really appreciate the fact that we have found each other! Our "dream" date was one of the best Valentine's Days I've had in a very very long time. I just love the fact that I have a boyfriend who is so creative and brings us together even when we are apart, with just the click of a mouse!

By the way, you can also "travel" our route by clicking on the following links below:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Loss of a Great Phriend

My heart is broken today. I found out last night that a dear phriend passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. SueT, as she was known on the PH message boards, was a wonderfully kind person. She greeted every newbie on the board with kind words and thoughts, to let them know they had joined a great community, and that we were there for support. I never saw her write a bad thing toward anyone. She was just so incredibly caring towards every person, even if it was their first post. She called everyone "honey," and I found it very endearing!

It became apparent to me, in reading everyone's posts on the PH boards regarding Sue's passing, how much she touched all of our lives. I thought maybe Sue only sent very long, story-telling emails to just a few of us. I was so wrong! She sent those long emails to a huge majority of phriends, letting each of us get to know all about her. She loved her family dearly. She adored her two granddaughters! She had a passion for creating things, and wanted to help those who needed things done. She made sweatshirts for a fundraiser our dear Annette had a couple years ago. She helped another phriend with flower arrangement ideas for her wedding. Sue really did love her phriends, not only because we all shared the same illness and battles that go along with it. She loved them all genuinely with all her heart because she was such a good person.

Sue made a homemade birthday card for me back in September. She had attached a sunburst made with beads onto the card, which I did remove awhile after getting the card. Last night I really thought I had thrown that sunburst out, and I frantically searched for it. When I found it on my kitchen table, I started crying. I know it may sound silly, but I slept with that starburst under my pillow. I guess I am just really in shock that Sue is gone. It was not expected, not by her family and not even by her doctors. I hope they can figure out what went wrong. But in the meantime, Sue will never be forgotten, because she touched the hearts of so many people in her life. My prayers go out to her husband, and her daughter and two granddaughters. May they have the strength to get through this sad time.

Sue, please know how much you were loved, my phriend. We will all miss you very much!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Is In The Air

Flash Comments at"

To all my family, my friends, and my phriends, I love you all so very much! You all mean the world to me in so many different ways. If you all weren't in my life, I'm not sure how I'd ever deal with everything I've been through. I wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day with your special loved ones! *HUGS*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My parents picked me up around 12:30ish on Sunday afternoon, piled all my stuff in the van, and we took off for Cleveland. It was the worst trip!! The weather was horrendous almost the whole way there. The winds were so high, I don't know how my dad had control of the van most of the time. We also had to go through many whiteout conditions, which were completely scary!! I think I prayed the entire way there that we'd make it safely, and that everyone else in the road got to wherever they needed to go in one piece, too. My dad told me once we got to the hotel that we'd never go in conditions like that again. Can't say I blame him!!

After getting to the CCF the next morning on time (despite the fact we took over an hour to get there even though it takes about 20 minutes from the hotel), I spent over an hour waiting to get my echo done. I had even been 15 minutes early in getting there! Because of that, I ended up being late for everything else, but there wasn't much I could do about it! I got my bloodwork done after the echo, then had a chest xray. Then I had the dreaded 6mw. I was really tired during the walk, but I pushed myself on! I ended doing a tad bit better on the walk than the last time, but the thing I was impressed by most was that my o2 sats didn't drop so drastically low like they can while I walk! I'm going to post what it was, but I wanted to give Sheila a warning (since I know she reads this) not to look because I'm sure the numbers will still scare her!! LOL!! I have dropped to as low as 48 before, but yesterday I dropped to about 66! So that's a big improvement! Despite not being able to tell if the Revatio has been helping, I guess it must be!

I talked to my doctor later about how I was doing. He said the pneumonia wasn't showing up in the xray I had, which is good. I told him my lung still bugs me once in awhile, but he said I'm probably just still recooperating. He asked me if I wanted to up my dose of Revatio to 40mgs 3x a day, even though he didn't think I needed to at this point, and I said no. I didn't really get to see if the regular dose was working before I got the pneumonia, so I'd like to continue getting better, and seeing how it's helping without changing anything right now. So nothing is changed at this point!

I did ask him about pulmonary rehab, and the first thing out of his mouth was exactly what I had thought of when I thought about going: I'm going to scare the crap out of anyone working with me because of my low o2 sats!! LOL!! He did say that he'd like me to see the adult congenital cardiologist there first, before we do anything about rehab. I agreed. I can't see myself doing rehab right now anyway yet. I still think I need a couple months to get myself back into walk, even if I only start with a couple minutes at a time on the treadmill. So the next time I go to Cleveland, maybe in May or June, I'll see the cardiologist and talk about it then!

We were getting ready to go down and have lunch before we hit the road back home, when I got to meet Merle!! She is a phriend that I've been talking to for a long time online through the PHA website. We both have the same specialist, and we happened to have appts on the same day! It was wonderful meeting her, and her husband, Tom. We chatted for maybe 10 minutes before she had to get registered in, and we were off to lunch. I'm soooooo mad, however, for not remembering to take a picture of us together!! Grrrrrr!!! She forgot, too, and she had her camera in her hand!! LOL! Chalk it up to two PHers having a PH moment!!

The trip home was pretty good, until we hit NY. Certain areas were very snowy, but it wasn't as terrible as Sunday, thank goodness! We got back into town around 6pm, and we met Mandy, Ron and the kids, and Joan and her boyfriend, Rick at Old Country Buffet. They had coupons for dinner, so we decided to go. My parents and I got there first, and when we pulled up, a lady came to our van and asked if we were going to eat there. We said yes, and she told us that they just closed their doors that morning, and were no longer in business! That really sucked! Joan and Rick pulled up, so we told them about it. After talking to them, and making a call to Mandy, we all decided to go to the chinese buffet instead. It was alot of fun, and I got to see my niece and nephew! My niece sat between my mom and I, and she kept wanting things off my plate. It was cute! By the time my parents dropped me off at home, and got my stuff in the house, I was so exhausted. It was just a very very tiring 48 hours, that's for sure! But I'm glad that everything went well, besides the traveling!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Just Wanted To Say...

.....that I'm back from my trip to Cleveland. I am beyond exhausted, and if I try to type everything that happened, I am pretty sure it won't make any sense. lol So I'm just letting you know I'm back, my visit was good, and I will post more tomorrow when I can comprehend what I'm saying! lol

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Time To Go To Cleveland Once Again

I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for Cleveland. The trip is usually about 3 1/2-4 hours, depending on how much we stop. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be terrible, so we will definitely be taking time to get there. I don't know what I'm more worried about, the fact we'll be getting there in a snowstorm, or my appointments on Monday. lol I have been praying like crazy that our trip will be a safe one!! Coming home on Monday shouldn't be a problem, but getting there might be.

As for my appointments, I'm having such mixed emotions about it. It's been a really sucky winter, with the pneumonia. And I know I'm still recovering from it. I don't have alot of energy back yet, and my lung still bugs me almost every day. It hasn't been too bad lately, but I can tell it's not 100% yet. And although I know the pneumonia has put me back about 100 steps, I still am worried that he might make other suggestions for treatment already. I really can't tell if Revatio has been working. I kinda think it was, especially when I was able to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving all in one day with no major problems! But then a few weeks later, I was told I had pneumonia, and bam! I felt like I fell down the small hill I had just climbed, and I've been struggling to get back up ever since. I know the 6 minute walk will probably tell alot, even though that is the test I absolutely hate with all my being. lol So I am just worrying about exactly will happen on Monday, even though I know that I shouldn't be! If I am progressing with my PH, I need to know, my doctor needs to know. If I am, we need to figure out what the next step should be. But if this is all still part of recovering from pneumonia, then we need to know this, too. So I am just hoping not to go insane from thinking about all this before Monday. lol

On a hopeful note, I am really hoping that I'll get to meet a phriend from the boards on Monday!! Merle and I have the same PH specialist, and she also has her appointments on Monday. She has them a bit later than I do, but nothing is ever on time at the Clinic, so maybe we'll get to meet each other for a bit!! That would be so neat! I'm bringing my camera just in case! hehe

Well I am going to try getting to bed. I will post about my trip when I get back!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Calmer Now!

I realized how extremely bitter I sounded in my last post. lol I was just really mad, but I'm fine now. This is why so many people say never to discuss politics or religion with anyone! I really try my hardest not to, since I know not everyone will agree with my views. So I barely bring things up! Anyway, it's all said and done for today, and I will not be bringing up anything on the political front again! Sorry if I have offended anyone!

My day was tiring, but also nice. I got to see my niece and my mom. My mom picked me up to vote, and then took my niece and I back to her house to have lunch. I got to play with my niece for awhile, and she is just highly entertaining! So was Shelby, my parents' dog. Shelby kept trying to take this one toy I was playing with on the floor, and it was making me laugh so hard I was losing my breath! LOL And that, in turn, was making my niece laugh! It was a nice afternoon there, but I was quite tired when I got home. I finally layed down for awhile after putting my blanket in the dryer (I had taken my bed stuff off in the morning to wash), and took a short nap! My mom came over a little while later to help me put my bedding back on. I really hate changing the sheets. I always have, ever since I was a kid. It's always been such a tiring job. And ever since I got my queen-sized bed several years ago, of course, it's a harder job! Usually I just crank up my oxygen and spend a few hours taking my time putting everything back together. But the past couple months I've gotten help with it. So anyway, my mom did most of it for me! I'm so thankful for her! So, now I'm looking forward to my nice new clean sheets and blanket! And I think that's where I'll head now, since I'm still pretty tired! Good night!

Super Tuesday! Super Pissed Off!

I am a pretty laid back, easy going person. I don't get mad too much. But there are two things that can totally piss me off: (1) insisting that my faith isn't as good enough as the faith of another person's; (2) insisting that anyone I feel I want to vote for in any given election is the absolute wrong choice.

Being that today is Super Tuesday in a huge amount of states, my home state of NY being one of them, I was able to go out and vote for who I personally wanted to vote for. A couple people have made me feel like a shithead for voting for someone who I wanted. I thought this was a free country? I thought one of the greatest things about being an American was having the right to vote for whomever we see fit? If another person doesn't like who I am voting for, guess what??? Go friggin' vote for who YOU want to vote for, and don't make me feel like an asshole for making up MY own mind. That is why we have elections!!! So I am a little pissed off today, but I went out and voted for MY choice, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday

Well most people know that I could give two hoots about football! I don't watch the games, I don't have a favorite team, I'm not even familiar with all the terms. So, this being said, I didn't care anything about the Superbowl tonight. I was watching other programs and did, once in awhile, flip to see what was going on. I do have to say, that in spite of my not caring, I had to laugh that the Patriots lost! I know they had a perfect season this year (I am not that in the dark about football), and I know so many people expected them to win. But I guess it just shows that everyone isn't perfect! Go Giants!

I saw 27 Dresses last night, and I would recommend it! I thought it was really cute. Katherine Heigl is really quite a funny actress. I love her on Grey's Anatomy, and this is the first movie I've seen that she's been in. So I would definitely say go see it if you've been thinking about it!

I didn't get out of pjs today. I was feeling kinda blah this morning, and by the time I thought about changing, it was already after 2pm. I relaxed most of the day, reading and just playing online. I had a couple phone calls, too.

I ended up with a slight nosebleed late this afternoon, too. It wasn't terrible, nothing was gushing, nothing like that. But it took about an hour and a half for it to just completely stop. I've gotten them a couple times before, and it happened after I took Revatio. I think with my sinuses being so bad lately, and the drying heat going on all the time, and wearing oxygen, it was just all conducive to getting a nosebleed. My nose has been ok since! I hope it stays that way. I haven't worn my oxygen since about 4pm. Every time I put the cannula on earlier, the bleeding got worse. So here's hoping nothing will happen when I put it on! And before anyone asks, yes, I use Ayr gel in my nose to help with the dryness from the o2!

Well I'm off to bed. Despite relaxing most of the day, I never really got a nap. So I'm tired! I hope I feel alright tomorrow, or at least decent enough to venture out. I need to buy a gift for my godson, who will soon be 7! I'm finding it hard to believe that he's that old already! It means I'm old, too! lol

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Going Out!!

Well, it's Saturday! I never made it out of the house on Tuesday because I was too tired and felt weird. So, tonight will be the first time I've been out of the house in a little over 2 weeks! I'm going to see 27 Dresses with a couple friends (might be a few friends if one decides to grace us with her prescence). I don't even remember the last time I was at the theater! It's been quite awhile. So I'm looking forward to having a good time!

I've decided to try something new with beads! I made a couple eyeglass chains yesterday, and I was going to work on another one in a little bit. The two I did came out nice! At least I think so, anyway! So at least I'll have another product to sell! I'm thinking of making zipper pulls, too. They would be so easy to make, and pretty! I might make one today and put it on my coat. Oh, the possibilities!

I haven't felt as tired the past couple days. It's been nice, but I'm definitely not overdoing it, because I know that'll throw me right back to where I was before. The only issue I've been dealing with this week is sinus. My sinuses have been killing me!! My face hurt so bad yesterday morning after I got up that I didn't wear the oxygen for awhile. It was bothering me today, too, but I took a shower and that helped. I used a steamer in my room at night, and I have the water attachment on my oxygen machine, so I don't know why my sinuses have been so crappy. I don't think it's just me, though. Almost everyone I've talked to has dealt with theirs at some point this week, too. So I guess it's the weather! I don't know, whatever it is, it needs to stop! lol

Well, guess I'm off to work on jewelry stuff! I'm feeling tired already, but not enough to take a nap yet. So I need to be productive! Happy Saturday!!