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Holiday Time

The holiday is right around the corner now, and I'm all set for it! I've been set for a few weeks, actually. It's been a nice feeling, too. I haven't been stressed out this year! I'm glad, because usually when I am stressed, I tend to get sick. And then I'd be really miserable for the holidays, and I wouldn't want to do anything but lay in bed and sleep all day. So I'm sooooo happy I'm not stressed, and I'm not sick!

I am making a couple pies today, and a banana bread. Let's not get too excited here...the pies are in boxes in the freezer, purchased by my mom. I am making them today so that all we have to do is reheat them for dessert tomorrow night. The banana bread will be from scratch though! My apartment will smell yummy again. I made 6 dozen cookies on Friday afternoon, and it smelled like a bakery in here. I will do it again today!

We are having Christmas dinner at Mandy's house this year. I'm quite excited about it, sinc…


The holidays are fast approaching, and I feel so prepared this year. It's nice to be basically done shopping, and halfway done wrapping gifts. I don't feel stressed out this year. Well ok, I'm a little stressed out, but it's not over holiday stuff! I wish I could be so ready for Christmas like this every year, but somehow I don't think it'll happen.

The heat issue with my house has been resolved, I guess. The new tenant hasn't said anything about freezing since last Wednesday, when my dad came over and played around with all the tubes and vents dealing with the heating system. We shut off a few vents in my apartment so more heat would push up the tubes into the apartment upstairs. I've also been keeping the heat high, around 69, so it'll be warmer. I also had to "let go" and not worry about the heating bill. There is nothing I can do about it, so I can't let it stress me out!

One of my best friends is coming home this week from Thurs…

Battle of the Heat

I am happy that my mom has found someone to move in upstairs. For the most part, he has been a good housemate so far, in the almost week he's been here. He's hardly here, first of all. And when he is here, he's pretty darn quiet.

The past few days, he's been telling me he's freezing. So I turn the heat up a couple numbers. But he's still freezing. Another notch or two, and then he tells me it's much better. This morning, he knocks on my door, and tells me he's still freezing. And the heat has been on the same 67 degrees that I had the day before, when he wasn't freezing. I am frustrated, because I'm HOT. I never thought I'd say that in the winter, but it's true. I'm not sure if it's really something wrong with the heating system, or if he just wants it to feel like it does back home in Virginia. I did get a little miffed when he came down in a tshirt saying he was cold. I mean come on! Hopefully the heating issue will be fixed s…


Tonight I found out that a girl I used to talk to over the summer has passed away. I "met" her through the PHA's message boards, and chat rooms, in the middle of the summer. She was a sweet and happy person despite not feeling well all the time. She was going to be married about a month and a half after I started talking to her, and she was so excited! She was also going to be put on a new medicine to help her PH symptoms, that happened about a week before she walked down the aisle. I only knew her for a handful of months, but I truly considered her a friend, or PHriends as we PHers like to call each other. She died peacefully in her sleep last night, and as much as I am saddened by this news, to have lost another PHriend to this awful disease, I know she is now breathing peacefully forever. Rest in peace, my dear Phriend. Your strength and determination to fight this disease will never be forgotten.


Quite a bit has been going on in the past week. I'll break it down, not necessarily all in order:

I have a housemate, finally. He came to see the apartment the day before Thanksgiving, and he moved in this past Thursday. He's a nice man, and is pretty much gone most of the day. My biggest discovery tonight is that I'm gonna have to start turning up the heat more. While I'm fine with the heat being on 63 for the most part, he told me tonight he was freezing. So I turned it up to 66, and I'm roasting. lol At least I can keep the heat down all day when he's not here. I'll just turn it up when I hear him come home. And hopefully I'll be home to do so. lol

A friend of mine who I tutor with online was here last weekend to visit! She came with her husband, and they stayed at the new hotel casino. I got to hang out with her most of day on Saturday. We went to a quite village, had lunch and walked around to see some of the shops. The weather was insanely gorgeo…