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One Day Good, One Day Bad

Today wasn't the greatest day for me in dealing with anxiety. It started with a phone call just after 8am that I didn't answer because I wasn't even really awake at that time. The phone number showed up as "Restricted," so I ignored it, and then listened to the sound my phone makes when someone leaves a voicemail. About half an hour later, since I couldn't go back to sleep, I listened to the message from the nurse at my gynecologist's office, telling me to please call back as soon as I could. Wonderful. I was trying not to worry about it as I called back 10 minutes later, but I had to leave my name since the nurse wasn't available at that moment. I continued to get ready for pulmonary rehab, but my mood just wasn't the greatest, and I could tell the anxiety was creeping up. Exercising helped a little, but trying to keep myself occupied when I got back home was hard. I eventually showered, and called the office back after drying my hair. The "…

Gray Hairs

This afternoon I had to get some blood work done for two different doctors. One script was for my regular testing to make sure my liver still likes the PH medication I've been on for almost 14 years, and to make sure I'm not pregnant (don't really need to do it, I know I'm not lol), and the other script was to check hormones, thyroid and a few other things for a problem I've been having. I went after volunteering, and the place was nice and quiet, so I was out of there shortly after. Before I left the building, I decided to use the ladies' room. While I was washing my hands, I looked in the mirror and noticed all the gray hairs that were coming out of the top of my head. My normal reaction to seeing them is "Ugh, I really need to get my hair done!" But today, my instant reaction to seeing them was:

"I should be thankful I have gray hairs, because it means that God's allowed me to age."

It took me aback that THAT thought popped into my hea…