Gray Hairs

This afternoon I had to get some blood work done for two different doctors. One script was for my regular testing to make sure my liver still likes the PH medication I've been on for almost 14 years, and to make sure I'm not pregnant (don't really need to do it, I know I'm not lol), and the other script was to check hormones, thyroid and a few other things for a problem I've been having. I went after volunteering, and the place was nice and quiet, so I was out of there shortly after. Before I left the building, I decided to use the ladies' room. While I was washing my hands, I looked in the mirror and noticed all the gray hairs that were coming out of the top of my head. My normal reaction to seeing them is "Ugh, I really need to get my hair done!" But today, my instant reaction to seeing them was:

"I should be thankful I have gray hairs, because it means that God's allowed me to age."

It took me aback that THAT thought popped into my head without any hesitation, and then I was overwhelmed with some tears. And I was incredibly grateful!! I know that none of us know how long we are meant to be on this planet, but for me and the uncertainty for years of living with a progressive illness, those gray hairs have taken on a whole new meaning. When I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension as a baby after finding out I had a major heart defect, the doctors couldn't really tell my parents what to expect in relation to how long I'd live. They told my parents maybe I'd make it to my first birthday, maybe I'd make it 50. I think back when I was diagnosed, in the mid-70s, the doctors really thought 50 would be a huge miracle considering the severity of my defect and the lack of anything to treat PH. And even though I've been getting gray hairs for many years, I now look at them and see them as a good part of the aging process, because that is what I have been doing...AGING.

Of course, I am hoping in a few weeks I can get those grays hidden for awhile after getting my hair dyed and cut, since I desperately need to do both!!


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