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Housemate Wanted, Apply Within

Well, it's official. Mandy and Ron have bought a house. They put a bid in this morning, and it was accepted. They even met the owners, who were just delighted to sell the house to a young couple just starting out. Especially since a baby is due right around the corner!!

I'm happy for my sis and BIL, but I'm also sad. I'm losing my housemates. I'm going to miss the fact that I could just go upstairs and say hi. I'll miss hearing their dog run around, even when it did drive me nuts sometimes. I'll just miss knowing that they are there.

Closing on the house won't be until the end of July, but still, I'm going to have to make some adjustments before they are gone. For instance, and this just hurts the most, I HAVE TO GO BACK TO USING A PHONE LINE CONNECTION FOR THE INTERNET!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Anyone need to rent an apartment? Anyone?

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OMG! I could never go back …

AOL Irritates Me!!

Perhaps it's a little risque having that title, but it's the gosh darn truth!! Why am I irritated, you wonder? Well, I shall tell you!!

So, I've been a part of AOL's Ask A Teacher program for almost 5 years now. It was a tutoring program that featured live tutoring rooms and message boards for students in grades K-12, even college students. I spent almost all those years as a tutor for the live rooms, and I thought it was great! However, big changes began happening since last fall. On Sept. 17th, AOL closed the live rooms "temporarily" to update. They told us we could have a few weeks off until they got a "new and improved" program up and running. Well, almost 2 months later, we got an entirely different program.....without the rooms!! Well, that sent everyone into a tizzy. We ventured into a "live message board" program which never felt live at all. Just as I was getting used to this, I get email today stating that all Community Le…


I just wanted to see Euan's profile again, so I went onto Yahoo. He's deleted it. Hmmmm.

Not that I care.

Ok, I'm lying. I do care. I miss talking to him. I miss not knowing how he's doing, or what he's up to. I just MISS HIM, and I haven't even met him yet.

With that being said, I haven't tried to contact him in the past couple weeks. He's just been in the back of my mind.


The Invisible Stop Sign

I live in a house that's on the corner of the street. I love sitting on my porch watching traffic going by on my street and the cross street. My street has stop signs, the cross street doesn't. So, it's not a 4-way stop, only two. My favorite thing to do is watch how many people go down the cross street, and stop at the "invisible stop sign." And look both ways. And then continue to go their merry way. It's almost caused a few accidents over the years. Someone stops at the real stop sign, and another person stops at the "invisible stop sign." Both parties get confused on who is supposed to go and so they both inch up a little, and then stop because the other one inched. It's quite hysterical!

Ok, so call me sad because I sit on my porch watching people stop at signs that just aren't there. It's ok, maybe I'm "not there" either. rofl!!

Boooooo Hissssss!!

Well, this is my last entry about American Idol until next season. I'm disappointed that Carrie won tonight. But hey, whatever. That's how I feel about her. Bo, on the other hand, I can't wait until his CD comes out!! I'll definitely by that! He rocks!!

I actually thought the show was pretty decent tonight, and not too drawn out. The hilarious bits they had about contestants who had tried out made me laugh. And the finale at the end before the results was just great!! So, all in all, the show wasn't bad. The end sucked though. Oh well!

I am hoping I'll be able to see the show next year. For the past few weeks, Dish Network has been scrolling a message at the top of the screen saying their contract with Fox was ending May 31, 2005. They are trying to negotiate a new one, but can't promise anything. They actually suggested their subscribers to call either their local cable company or Direct TV if we want Fox. How nice of them. I hope they fix it. I …

Life Stinks Sometimes

I get alot of support in dealing with PH on the PH website I go to quite a bit. Some of us there have decided to have PH buddies, and we have exchanged email and phone numbers. We email each other to say hi, but also to make sure we're doing ok, especially if someone hasn't posted on the message boards in a while. I have a PH buddy in Alabama, and today she emailed me to say her husband is leaving her. Apparently there is someone else in the picture. Not only is he leaving her, he is leaving their 2 children. I am heartbroken for her. It's bad enough that we deal with this disease, but now she has to deal with a cheating husband who wants to leave her. On top of all this, she may be having a lung transplant soon. It just makes me sad, and she will definitely be in my prayers. I hope she will be strong in dealing with this bad news. I also truly hope her health isn't compromised by this. Stress can be horrible for anyone, but PHers really have a hard time with it. I …

Ok, I Got Through!!

After finally getting through a lot once the clock struck midnight, I ended up voting for Bo 54 times!! I'm not kidding! I would still have voted if it weren't for the fact that my phone died on me and shut itself off. lol I hope it helps Bo, I want him to win!!! We shall see tomorrow......we shall see. lol

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Bo has my vote, too. I didn't watch since I was at dinner last evening but, I don't think there's even a chance for Carrie-Benet Underpants to win against him. I am adding you to my alerts. Comment from luvmort - 5/25/05 12:23 PM

American Idol

Ugh, I can't get through to vote for Bo!!! Ok, I did get through once. But I want to get through more!! Oy!!

My Weekend

My weekend was nice, although I wish the weather was a lot better. Ok, I take that back. Sunday was the only day that was kinda blah, but Friday and Saturday were nice! Friday, I gallavanted (hey, I used a big word!) with my sister to several stores. I bought (charged ) two very cute tops at Old Navy, since she dragged me in there to look for khakis. Ok, I could have just looked and not bought, but they were too cute!! I can't help that I didn't have the cash to pay for them. lol Then we went to lunch at Tim Horton's, yum! It was a nice afternoon with my Joanie.

Saturday evening, I went out to dinner with my two best friends. They are more like sisters to me! Eve was in town, so it was a time to go out! We went to a place in Lewiston called The Brickyard, and it was quite tasty! We even had dessert....I had pecan pie, which I LOVE!! I have to say, though, it wasn't as good as the pecan pies I make around the holidays. After dinner, we went down near the water…

A Big Decision

For those of you who do not know me, I'm going to state some facts before I describe what my BIG DECISION will be. For those of you who do know me, these facts will help you understand things, too. lol Here goes!

*I have pulmonary hypertension, PH for short. It is a rare lung condition, in which the blood vessels in the lungs constrict, making it very hard to deal with every day life. It's almost like having high blood pressure, only it's in the lungs. There is no cure YET, only several different types of medicine that can be used to help treat PH.

*I have had PH since I was a baby, along with congenital heart disease. I have two holes in my heart. In all honesty, I grew up going to the cardiologist about my heart, and not too much about the PH because there wasn't much they could do for the PH. Even today, they are learning so much new stuff about PH than they did years before!

*In April 2000, I had to quit my teaching job. I was doing very badly health-wise. A yea…

Happy Birthday, Sistore!

I'd like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, Lisa!! I know she doesn't read my blog, but I love her anyway!! I already called her this morning and sang birthday greetings to her. I hope I don't break her eardrums. LOL Can't wait until she comes home, when we'll be aunties!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!
Love you much, sistore! Miss you!! XXXOOO

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Happy Birthday Lisa! Comment from maidothemist - 5/19/05 10:52 PM

A Dilemma

I'm in love with spider plants. I have always liked the look of them, especially because they can just grow so big, mass produce babies, and you can plant their offspring or just throw them out.

So, call me crazy, but I may have to get rid of one of mine, and it's making me sad.

It wouldn't be so bad, if I hadn't had the plant for over 6 years now. You see, this plant was given to me as a baby itself when I was working at Headstart. The dear teacher across the hall from me gave me this baby spider plant as a little something for my apartment that I had just moved into. This teacher is the one and only Maidothemist! Sue, can you believe I still have this plant?? I think it's produced at least 200 offspring, and I'm not even kidding!! Unfortunately, I only have 2 other really good places to hang more plants, and they are currently occupied by 2 babies from the original Momma Spiderplant. And boy, did those suckers grow already!

So, why am I sad? O…

American Idol

Bo Bice is MY American Idol!! The dude rocked it tonight. The second song he sang gave me chills! What a brave soul to do a solo without a band. He is awesome!

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omg a capella! Can you believe it? Comment from maidothemist - 5/18/05 11:19 PM

Today's Wanderings

Today wasn't too bad. It took me a while to get myself moving, but what else is new. lol I'm amazed that afer five years of not working, I am not still sleeping in late and doing absolutely nothing. This is not the case however! I go to bed really late some nights, and still manage to awaken at 9am. Not a bad deal, I think!

Anyhoo, after getting ready for the day (dressed and all that jazz), I called my mom to see if she needed to go out anywhere. She said yes, however, she had just gotten out of the shower, and she'd be a while. Well, I thought this was ok. Even though I was personally ready, I still had to do a few things to go out adventuring. I had to write a couple bills, put together my sister's birthday package (gosh, those anklets I made better fit her, I'll throw a fit if they don't! lol), and make sure I remembered a new tank of oxygen. No need for passing out in the middle of a store without it. Ok, so that's never happened before, but…

New Readers...Or Just Passing Through!

Wow! Enter Judi's "May's Artsy Essay Contest", and get a bunch of new readers! lol I'd like to take this time to give a shout out to the newcomers I've had since last night. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my journal, and leaving a comment! It's so nice to hear from my regular readers, and now some newer ones! Hopefully, that is IF I didn't bore you to death or scare you off. LOL Hope to hear from ya'll soon, and I'll be stopping by your journals (if you have one)! XXXOOO

My New Toy!!

How stinkin' cute can you get???? I had seen pics of this Darth Tater about 6 months ago, as a new toy coming out in honor of the last Star Wars movie. I just HAD to have him!! I almost resorted to bidding on one on Ebay (do you know how much they are asking for them on there???? It's crazy!!), but luckily found him in Toys R Us on Sunday!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! He is now sitting in his box on the chair behind me. I want to open him up and play, but he might be worth money some day, so there he sits!! lol My new little toy!! :-D

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omg colleeen- he is so stinkin cute.. i am on my way over to play...Comment from maidothemist - 5/18/05 11:16 PM

But doesn't he make you think of Toy Story and Toy Story 2?? how sad he would be if he just sat in the box for the rest of his life? LOL TAKE HIM OUT and play with him!! " ) Comment from hunybea4him - 5/17/05 1:55 AM

i sit here as a man who ha…

May's Artsy Essay Contest

Dearest Judi has given a list of words that we must use.
They are for May’s Artsy Essay contest,
But there are some that have me confused.

Haberdashery, I must admit, was not the place I thought.
It is a place where men’s clothes lie,
And not where hats can be bought.

A neophyte, I had considered, was a baby bug indeed.
Darn it all, wouldn’t you know?
It is a new beginner, not an insect in a weed.

Palatial was a word I thought was meant to describe hunger.
However, this is not the case,
It describes a magnificent palace of wonder.

How embarrassed was I to know, and perhaps you are, too.
A bassoon is a woodwind instrument,
And not a monkey in the zoo.

I got excited, a little teary when I saw arduous on the list.
I shortly came to realize,
It did not mean lovers going for a kiss.

Titter made me think real hard, and I thought it was a bird.
But after I had looked it up,
I realized I again had come up with the wrong word.

That is it. I cannot take another malapropism.
Perhaps what I shall now do,
Is move on to…

Nice 'Do!

I spent most of my day at the salon today. Literally! I FINALLY got my hair done, after about 7 months! It soo needed to be dyed and highlighted again. lol And it looks awesome!! Whoooo hoooo!! :-D

My poor pregnant sister cut her finger at work today. Her hubby called me to ask if I could feed their dog, and he said they were at the hospital. Alarms went off at first in my head, since she is due pretty soon!! However, he said she sliced her thumb while cutting something, and they brought her to Sister's Hospital for stitches. By the time they got home, it was almost 9pm! I gave her a big hug when she got in! She was so exhausted and starving! Poor girl!

I hung out with Dee tonight. We had thought about going out, but it was too cold and yucky! I had a hard enough time getting warm in my own apartment. So she brought over Chocolat, which is a very cute movie! It was a nice time just relaxing!

Tomorrow is girls night at Mo's. That should be a lot of fun! I'm loo…

What The Heck?

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I thought I'd type out my frustrations anyway. I haven't talked to Euan in almost 3 weeks, since we made tentative plans to meet each other. Unfortunately, the day we picked didn't really work for him, and he asked about meeting the weekend I was supposed to be away at my grandma's house. Since emailing him back that I couldn't meet that weekend, and asking about what other dates are good for him, I haven't heard anything from him. I know he is working on a project for a book/DVD that he'd like to be out by October. But I've emailed him a few times since, and I've got no response. Well, ok, if he's that busy, that's ok. I'll just let it go.

So tonight, I decided to look at his profile again on Yahoo. What gets to me is that he has updated it very recently, adding more pictures of himself and editing his information. I don't know whether to be offended or not. We both made it very clear …

Cleveland Trip

I got back from my trip to the Cleveland Clinic late this afternoon. I just feel so exhausted because it's a long trip for just 2 days! Well, just a lot of driving. Anyhow, my appointments went well. Tuesday was the cardiologist. He told me my heart looked good, and that if I were to have a transplant, my heart was still in good shape to just be repaired and not replaced. That's comforting to know, that I wouldn't need a heart if it were to ever happen. I also learned something new, the reason why my PH is so different from others. It basically boils down to the fact that because I have 2 holes in my heart, the blood can shunt (or divert) back and forth to help release pressure in my lungs. The way my PH specialist explained it, I'm actually at an advantage over people who develop PH with normal hearts. So, in a way, I'm lucky that I do have the holes! And, I now totally understand why I could not just have the holes closed without doing anything about my…

More Awaiting...

Heavenly baby,
Awaiting your arrival
Is so hard to do.
Loving you more,
Each and every day
You will be adored by many.

Mother and father of yours
Oh, how they can't wait to see you.
Relatives galore,
Going to shower you with hugs and kisses.
Already, little one, you have become
Nearer to our hearts than you can possibly know.

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Who KNEW! You have been holding back on us Comment from maidothemist - 5/14/05 10:08 PM


I leave for Cleveland this morning, for checkups and tests at the Cleveland Clinic. I'm dreading going for some reason, although this isn't unusual. I hate Cleveland, and I'm always worried about my tests. The one I dislike most is the walking test. I'm always afraid that I'm going to do worse than the time before, that I'll feel completely out of breath and exhausted like I usually get. I keep telling myself just to walk slower than I do, I'm not running a marathon. Who knows if I'll listen this time. :-/ I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Five Things

The weather is starting to get a lot nicer, so that can only mean one thing: open windows!! Open windows mean hearing a lot more noises going on in the outside world. And I have realized that there are many noises that I do NOT miss hearing during the winter! Here are some of them.


5. Sirens - Ok, sirens aren't that bad. However, I began a habit where, every time I hear a siren, I immediately say to myself, "God Bless whoever needs the sirens." This is not a bad thing! But when you open your windows during the spring and hear a siren at least 10 times a day, you feel like you're continuously blessing someone! lol

4. Vulgarity from Children - This is never surprising to me anymore, but it is still sad to hear when a group of kids walks by swearing up a storm. And it's not just swearing, either. I've heard an awful lot of sex talk by these kids, too. I'm not talking about high school k…

Blahness II

I'm slowly writing about frustrations I've recently been having, the first one being about my friend's father. I'm happy that he is finally home, but still sad that no one knows how much more time they will have with him. They are all still in my prayers.

My world lately has been filled with babies. And don't get me wrong, I just love them! My best friend's baby is just the cutest little thing. And my sister is going to have a beautiful baby, I'm sure of it! My other best friend's little boy is my godson. Even on my soap, there are little babies, and not the fake dolls they use. lol But as much as I'm happy for everyone I know who has a baby, I'm feeling sad about the fact that I may never have one.

I can't physically carry a child because of my lung condition. That I have known since I was a little kid. And it never bothered me. I grew up never even considering the thought of having a baby. And I was fine with that. But even if …

Oh, And One More Thing...

I almost forgot! One of my best friends (who was mentioned in the journal I wrote about her father....who came home today, by the way), called me earlier and said she had something for me. So, she stopped by with her hubby and the baby (awww, baby!). She handed a big brown paper bag to me and said, "Happy Mother's Day!" Now mind you, I am not a mother. I am a godmother, but not to her child. So, I don't know why she was giving me something, but peeked in the bag anyway! And these were the words out of my mouth: "Oh no, now I have seven!" They gave me another betta fish! This betta is really cool though, it is all white, and you can actually see some of it's insides. It's not an albino fish, though, because it doesn't have any red eyes. It's very neat! I did thank her very much. And then we focused on the little baby who was making all sorts of noises! She was so very happy at that moment! (Making me wish all the more that my si…

Mom's Day!!

I'd like to take this moment to give a huge shout out to all the mother's who read my journal. I don't think a lot of people read my journal, but I do know a couple of the ladies who read it are moms!! Happy Mother's Day to you!! You are amazing, and your children are so lucky to have you!! XXXOOO

I spent most of the day with my family. I went to church with my mom, to the store with one of my sisters, and then to my parents' house for dinner. It was very nice, and I'm still stuffed! I made my mom a necklace/bracelet set, which she liked (yay!). I'm now ready to go get in more comfy attire, and catch up on my soap and a couple other shows I haven't watched yet. I'm ready for a very relaxing evening!! :-D


The past few days, I've been feeling somewhat down, and for several reasons. I'm not going to get into them all, but the one thing really bothering me is that my friend's father is dying. And my heart aches for her. She just lost one of her brothers unexpectedly a few weeks ago, and now her family is dealing with the fact that nothing more can be done for her father, and that he wants to come home from the hospital to be with them all. I was at her house last night and the night before. Last night, she was more of a wreck, and actually cried a few times when talking to me. It's so hard, I want to make everything better for her, and yet I can't. This should be such a happy time for her, she should be fully enjoying her 4-month old baby girl. And yet, she's worried about her father, her mother, and the stress of still not having a full time teaching job and stress of her subbing job. It just doesn't seem fair. I've actually had some tears for her mys…


It is about gosh darn time that Scott Savol is off the show!! What took America so long to realize that there was a LOT more talent on the show that had to lose their chance, while he sat there smugly every week??? FINALLY HE'S GONE!! Yes, I'm happy about it!! LOL

Next to go....Anthony?? Hmmmmmmm.......


Anticipating the day when you will make your debut.

Making loved ones feel so many emotions:

Crying, with tears of joy.



Congratulating one another,

On being someone meaningful in your life:






Bringing us together, you will have that special gift.

Awaiting your arrival is so hard to do.

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hmmm... i see you already did... Comment from maidothemist - 5/4/05 12:31 AM

lovely- but you need to do something about that html... ::::::::::::Running away:::::::::: Comment from maidothemist - 5/4/05 12:30 AM

American Idol

Ok, after watching Idol tonight, I just can't speculate who'll be booted tomorrow. I'm almost certain who will be STAYING. Shocker, could it be Scott Savol?? I just couldn't stand listening to him tonight, watching his smug look, and listening to his cocky attitude toward Simon. He makes me sick!! :-X

And after all this, I forgot to vote tonight. Ok, I take that back. I tried for half an hour to vote for Bo. I couldn't get through. I thought I'd try again later, and ended up being sidetracked by the Law & Order double shows. Oooopsie. Guess I can blame myself if Bo is booted! :-(.........

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omdeargo- you dont think Bo will be booted do you?? Comment from maidothemist - 5/4/05 12:31 AM

Cat Naps

One of my most favorite things is taking a nap, but the best part is when my cat wants to take one with me. I grab my blanket from the floor, and Mittens jumps on the bed when I'm all settled. He creeps under the blanket and drapes himself across my legs, or my stomach. It's just such a comfortable feeling. After a while, he just curls up in a ball right next to me. It's like we're attached. lol I just woke up from one of these cat naps with my little man (that's one of his many nicknames), and I feel refreshed! He is still under the blanket, though. Cats do sleep longer than humans. lol

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Awwww...How nice. I wish someone would take a picture of the two of you, and send a copy to me. ;) Comment from anglswinks - 5/3/05 11:14 PM

My Weekend

My weekend in Horseheads, NY was very nice! We didn't do too much on Friday after getting there. We had dinner, and 2 of my younger cousins were dropped off to spend the night because their parents were out gallavanting in a limo with friends. Now, I must admit, that these 2 cousins aren't really on the top of my list. However, I think since they are growing older, they are less annoying! I actually had a nice evening with them, talking and playing cards. One of them said she felt bad for me, because of the oxygen and everything. I told her about my lung condition, and that it could be worse: I might not be here! She was like, true, I'm glad you are! It was rather endearing, I think. :)

Saturday was spent getting ready for the shower at 4pm. My mom went out with my aunt for a bunch of things, and I tried to decorate for a while. I also put together the favors, which were flower pots with pansies. They turned out to be very pretty, but I hate working with dirt, …