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Well, I was right...

I just got email from Euan. He apologized for not writing, but he's been sick since Thursday. I had a feeling that might have been what it was. Of course, I always seem to think the worst. But when it's a pattern that keep showing up, I can't blame myself for thinking that way! Anyway, I will hopefully talk to him when he is feeling better. Now at least, my mind is at ease. Yay! lol

Ok, now what's going on??

I haven't talked to Euan, the Canadian, in about 4 days. The last time I talked to him, the father of a friend of his went into the hospital, and she was really upset, so he decided to spend time with her. I talked to him for a little bit the next day, but after that, I haven't talked to him. That was Thursday. He hasn't answered my email, I tried calling a couple times, and only got his voicemail. I am really hoping things are ok with him, that nothing bad happened. But at the same time, I'm feeling like it's happened again, that I talk to someone and really get along with them, and suddenly, something seems to go wrong. I really don't think that's what's happened now, but I can't help feel that way. I really feel I have connected alot with Euan, but now I can't help just wondering if something went wrong. I hope I hear from him soon, and hope things are ok.

The Canadian

It's been two weeks since I've been talking to Euan, the Canadian from He is such a nice guy, and we can talk so long! Hours go by, and we've done nothing but talk about all sorts of things! We are planning on chatting on the phone Wednesday, and he admitted he's a little nervous! I think it's actually kind of cute. lol I'm looking forward to our phone chat, it should be interesting! And the way we've been talking for hours online, who know, maybe we'll talk all night on the phone! lol I found out today that his birthday is 2 days before mine, something else we have in common, being Virgos! lol But anyway, I do really like talking with him, and I'm glad we have been conversing and even emailing for a while. I'm still not prepared to tell my friends, yet. My family knows, but that's it. I just don't want to jump the gun and say anything to anyone else, b/c I don't know what will happen yet. So we'll see! …