Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clean Freak

I spent the majority of my time on Friday and Saturday cleaning much of my apartment. Oh, I did the dishes and cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed, but I also did a major dusting in 2 of my rooms, the bedroom and the living room. I have to admit that I did so much dusting as a kid for weekly chores every Saturday that it doesn't cross my mind to dust that often here. In fact, I don't remember the last time I dusted. Which is BAD. And I'm sure it's not good for my lungs. So, I spent a lot of time cleaning things, and throwing things out. I have a hard time parting with stuff sometimes. I see something I've been holding onto for years (sometimes decades), and every time I do clean, I think, "Hmmm, I could still use that," or, "Oh, I remember this!" And then I'd put it back where it was sitting forever. So, I chucked out a ton of items yesterday including jewelry (that was beyond tarnished), some stuffed animals, lots of old candles, candle stands, and some other stuff I'm not remembering. lol It felt kinda nice just getting rid of it! I also put some of my CD holders with tons of burned CDs into the other room, so that eventually I can get rid of all of them. I think most of the music I had on the CDs are already on my computer or mp3 player, and I hardly use a CD player anymore, so it's not like I need them. I should try to figure out a fun project to use them for! Anyway, I felt really accomplished that I got all that cleaning out of the way, and maybe I'll now try to keep dusting to once a week? Maybe once every other week?? Hmmmm. Not too sure about that!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unexpected Accomplishment

Yesterday, I went to a park that had a lot of different trails you could walk, and it was huge. Now normally, I'm not always a fan of walking. Treadmill, sure. Walking down the street,fine. Going for a very long walk, especially when the temperature isn't all that warm, ummm, no. And that is my automatic thought, nope, I can't do it. Well, my biggest motivation to at least try it out this time was K. lol After getting some hot drinks, we got to the park, and began walking along one of the trails he thought I'd be able to do. It was nice, I'd honestly never been on trails before. We eventually started seeing deer, which was cool! I mean, I've seen deer before, but mostly dead on the side of the road. That is not cool! We kept going and going, stopping every once in awhile when there was a bench along the way. I was enjoying myself, not minding the weather too much, and not feeling too badly or terribly short of breath. Shocking for me!!

The trail seemed to go on forever, an K was trying to get us back to where we had started. He seemed to be getting concerned that I wasn't ok, when I had said I don't usually walk this much. I had to keep telling him that I was doing surprisingly better than I thought I would have, and I was happy about that. I could still tell he didn't seem to satisfied with that answer. Now that was starting to make me feel bad! Every once in awhile I would still just stop to take a moment, and then continue on again, but all in all, it was a good walk for me. And I'm incredibly thankful. I even thanked K. I am usually so doubtful in the things that I think I definitely can't do, and I think I need to just go and try them out again first before I say no. If it hadn't been for K, I really wouldn't know that I can go for long walks, as long as I pace myself. Right now, I'm feeling healthy enough to do that. Yesterday was proof! All my working out at rehab and recently on my treadmill at home seem to be doing something for me. And I'm pretty darn proud of myself for trying and succeeding!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Less Pill To Swallow

A couple months ago, I emailed my PH doctor about possibly getting off of Coumadin, which is a blood thinner. I've been on it for about 10 miserable years. I was put on it the first trip I made to the Cleveland Clinic, and I just really have not enjoyed being on it. So I thought I would just ask about the possibility of being on a daily baby aspirin instead. I asked my PH doctor to consult my cardiologist. And then I waited and waited for an answer.

Several weeks later, I emailed my PH doc again about another question. I just wanted to know, for the heck of it, if I'd be able to get a tattoo. I sent the email off, and again I waited.

This time, the wait wasn't as long. Within a couple days, my doc emailed back. He said he hadn't even answered my first email (duh!). He said first of all, that he had consulted with my cardiologist, and they both were not sure I needed to be on Coumadin. My mouth dropped, and quite honestly, I started shaking with happiness!! WHAT?? I was just so excited!! Then he continued on to say that secondly, I could get a tattoo as long as I was off Coumadin, and I go to a reputable place (ok, duh again, like I'm gonna go to someone in a back alley. lol). I was a bit surprised by that answer, but found it kinda cool (of course, I need to actually work up the nerve to get one, so who knows if I ever will lol)! So after my initial reactions, I realized I needed to ask for a reasoning behind why it is they think I probably shouldn't be on Coumadin in the first place. My doc wrote back saying there is no hard evidence out there saying that Coumadin works any better on Eisenmenger patients than a daily aspirin. I decided to research articles regarding this, and he was right. I had a hard time finding stuff that definitely favored one treatment over another. I also asked other Eisenmenger patients what kind of blood thinning agent they were on, if any. Results were mixed. Some were on Coumadin. Some were on regular strength aspirin, some were on a baby dose. And a few were on both. Totally not what I would want to do!! So I wrote back to my PH doc and told him that I would definitely like to try an aspirin a day, but could he please let me know what dose to go on. And then again, I continued to wait!

Last week, after finding out my cholesterol was up again, and having to increase my cholesterol med (UGH), I wrote back to my PH doc yet again to ask about the aspirin dose. I told him I wanted to get off Coumadin so I could eat more salads and lots of spinach and try other things to lower my cholesterol that I couldn't try before because of the dumb Coumadin! He finally emailed me back, and said I could do the full strength aspirin (which is 325mg). Yay!! So last Wednesday, I bought a 130 count bottle of Bufferin aspirin! I started taking it that afternoon. However, by Monday morning, I got another email from my PH doc. He told me my cardiologist wants me to take baby aspirin. UGH! After I had just bought that big bottle of the other one!! I wrote him back saying that I feel like I'm stockpiling blood thinning agents, between the leftover Coumadin and now all that aspirin! LOL! Oh well, I went out and bought a smaller bottle of aspirin to hold me over until I can go back to Walmart for more. I'm just very relieved that I won't be needing constant bloodwork anymore, which was happening more often than not while on Coumadin if my numbers were off. I don't need to watch what I'm eating anymore, either!! Whoooo hooo!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where Are My Posts? Part Deux

Yes, I'm slacking again. I would like to talk about a certain topic I've had a hard time with for a long time while living with PH, and that would be dating. Now I'm not a newbie at it, I have dated, and I have had a boyfriend, but it was years ago. Too many years ago. It was also before I had to wear oxygen all the time, and before I had to start taking major meds to treat PH. After all that happened, it was really hard to find someone who wanted to deal with everything. One person I found and truly loved was Euan, but he also had major health issues going on, and so it made it so much easier for us to relate and eventually fall for each other. And sadly now he is gone.

I've been on several dating websites, but most recently I've been on one that is totally free. I purposely put pictures up with me wearing oxygen, because well, that's the truth. I figure if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to say anything. Why lie and have someone find out later that I actually do wear it? Show up to a date and "surprise!" I wear oxygen??? I'd be a bit upset if someone did that to me! Anyway, I've had plenty of men send me messages asking me why I'm wearing it, if I have such-and-such disease, and even one who told me I need to take the oxygen off (idiot). Some men I've gotten back to, and they've been inquisitive, and some I've never heard from again. I never actually even got to the point where I'd want to meet any of these guys, mainly because many times, they'd stop writing. Well, ok. Thanks a lot! So it's always been a bit discouraging, and even though I always blow it off as if I don't really care to have someone in my life, lately it's not been my true feelings. I do want to have a friendship with a man that turns into a great romance, or whatnot. I just don't want to be alone, even though, if it had to turn out that way, I'd just accept it. What other choice do I really have?

Well, as unexpectedly as it's been, someone has come into my life, and in a matter of a month, I've gone from no dates to a bunch of dates. It's been fun, overwhelming, and unbelieveable at the same time! I'm trying to have to just go with it, but always in the back of my head is a feeling that something will happen and things will just end. I guess I've had too much of that in the past. This man actually admitted to me at one point that he's never dated someone with major health issues before, and that he's a pretty active guy. He just wanted to be honest. But he keeps asking me to do things with him, so I take that as a good sign that maybe he's willing to give this a try. It's still too early to tell what will happen, but I have to admit that I am pretty happy right now!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Where Are My Posts?

I have been so neglectful in posting. Most of the time when I want to write, it's so late that I decide to maybe wait until the next day to do it. And then of course, I have so much to write about now that it would take me all night. lol

My sister got married on Sept. 24th, and it was a pretty perfect day all around for her and her new husband. Nothing really went wrong or haywire, and the weather was just so beautiful! I didn't have to worry about carrying around a sweater, since it ended up being sunny and warm. The ceremony was wonderful, there were lots of people in the church. The family pictures were taken in a very beautiful building in downtown Niagara Falls called The Giacomo. Bridal party pictures were taken at The Giacomo as well as the Niagara Falls state park. By the time we got to the reception, my feet were killing me from walking around so much that I took my shoes off and didn't put my replacement shoes on until after dinner! There were around 240 guests celebrating the wedding, and it all just went by in one big blur. Dancing was so much fun, and then before I knew it, the night was wrapping up. The day was just so fast, but I'm glad that it went well for Joan and Rick. I'm sure they had a very good time on their special day!

Several days after everything started calming down, I ended up getting sick. It wasn't a very bad cold, but enough to be really annoying. I was put on an antibiotic, thankfully, and finally just finished it up yesterday. The cold is gone now! I hope I don't have to worry about another one any time soon! I did get my flu shot and an updated pneumonia vaccine. One on each arm, on the same day. OUCH!!

I guess this will have to be good for now, I'm tired and achy and I need to get to bed! lol I am doing ok, just a bit too busy (or forgetful) to update! I'll try to do it more often!!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Mittens | Vote for the Next Pet Star - Photo Contest | Show Us Your Pet's Healthy Smile

Mittens | Vote for the Next Pet Star - Photo Contest | Show Us Your Pet's Healthy Smile

I have entered Mittens into a contest!! He needs votes! lol The contest ends on Oct. 21, and you can vote once a day. He could win a year of cat treats, among other things. I'm sure he'd only care about the cat treats! LOL If you could click and vote for him, he would much appreciate it!! Thanks!! :)