Clean Freak

I spent the majority of my time on Friday and Saturday cleaning much of my apartment. Oh, I did the dishes and cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed, but I also did a major dusting in 2 of my rooms, the bedroom and the living room. I have to admit that I did so much dusting as a kid for weekly chores every Saturday that it doesn't cross my mind to dust that often here. In fact, I don't remember the last time I dusted. Which is BAD. And I'm sure it's not good for my lungs. So, I spent a lot of time cleaning things, and throwing things out. I have a hard time parting with stuff sometimes. I see something I've been holding onto for years (sometimes decades), and every time I do clean, I think, "Hmmm, I could still use that," or, "Oh, I remember this!" And then I'd put it back where it was sitting forever. So, I chucked out a ton of items yesterday including jewelry (that was beyond tarnished), some stuffed animals, lots of old candles, candle stands, and some other stuff I'm not remembering. lol It felt kinda nice just getting rid of it! I also put some of my CD holders with tons of burned CDs into the other room, so that eventually I can get rid of all of them. I think most of the music I had on the CDs are already on my computer or mp3 player, and I hardly use a CD player anymore, so it's not like I need them. I should try to figure out a fun project to use them for! Anyway, I felt really accomplished that I got all that cleaning out of the way, and maybe I'll now try to keep dusting to once a week? Maybe once every other week?? Hmmmm. Not too sure about that!!


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