Unexpected Accomplishment

Yesterday, I went to a park that had a lot of different trails you could walk, and it was huge. Now normally, I'm not always a fan of walking. Treadmill, sure. Walking down the street,fine. Going for a very long walk, especially when the temperature isn't all that warm, ummm, no. And that is my automatic thought, nope, I can't do it. Well, my biggest motivation to at least try it out this time was K. lol After getting some hot drinks, we got to the park, and began walking along one of the trails he thought I'd be able to do. It was nice, I'd honestly never been on trails before. We eventually started seeing deer, which was cool! I mean, I've seen deer before, but mostly dead on the side of the road. That is not cool! We kept going and going, stopping every once in awhile when there was a bench along the way. I was enjoying myself, not minding the weather too much, and not feeling too badly or terribly short of breath. Shocking for me!!

The trail seemed to go on forever, an K was trying to get us back to where we had started. He seemed to be getting concerned that I wasn't ok, when I had said I don't usually walk this much. I had to keep telling him that I was doing surprisingly better than I thought I would have, and I was happy about that. I could still tell he didn't seem to satisfied with that answer. Now that was starting to make me feel bad! Every once in awhile I would still just stop to take a moment, and then continue on again, but all in all, it was a good walk for me. And I'm incredibly thankful. I even thanked K. I am usually so doubtful in the things that I think I definitely can't do, and I think I need to just go and try them out again first before I say no. If it hadn't been for K, I really wouldn't know that I can go for long walks, as long as I pace myself. Right now, I'm feeling healthy enough to do that. Yesterday was proof! All my working out at rehab and recently on my treadmill at home seem to be doing something for me. And I'm pretty darn proud of myself for trying and succeeding!!


CL said…
K? K??? Hummm. (((hugs)))
sunshine said…
Congrats on your first trail walk, perhaps walking around nature and even he sight of deer (and K?!?) took your mind off the effort! Keep up the good work :)
Anonymous said…
I am so proud of you too, Loca! I am happy that K suggested that and that you two were able to enjoy a nice walk on the trails. I remember in Ohio where my in-laws live we would see the deer and other animals on the nature trails. I always enjoyed that. So peaceful and relaxing if the weather is nice..Love ya...Hugs :))

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