A Puzzling Situation

It's been so long since I've done a puzzle. I did many of them years ago when I changed my computer room into an ocean-themed sanctuary for myself. Five of the pictures hanging on the walls are actually puzzles! I find putting them together to be relaxing. So before the holidays, as I was shopping in Ollie's, a discount store that carries items that might never be seen again, I found a Christian Lassen 3D spherical puzzle. It was only $6, so I got it! I hadn't had much time to put it together until now, and it was fun to do! I guess I spent maybe a week working on it. There were two ways of putting it together. One was the traditional way of doing a puzzle, using the images on the pieces. The other way was by using the numbers on the back of each piece, which was supposed to be the "easy way out," but I did it that way, and it was still rather difficult! Ever the Virgo, I sorted pieces by numbers: 1-99, then the 100s, 200s, etc. There were 540 pieces to the puzzle. My table looked as if I had just thrown random pieces on it, but believe me, it was an organized mess! I took progressive pictures as I went, and the results are below. I'm kinda sad that I'm finished now. It was something that took my mind off things, even if for a few minutes! Guess maybe I'll have to find another one soon!


Hua said…
That's awesome. I love puzzles, especially the out of the ordinary kind!

Director of Blogger Networks
Jen said…
You did an awesome job..wow..I do not think I could ever get that completed.I love the finish product!!

Love ya Loca..Lots of hugs:))
Marcia said…
That looks like it was a lot of fun. Back when I was teaching I always put a big puzzle together during the Christmas holidays. It was my official relaxation time. Since the little boys have been here I haven't done it, but with the next few days being so cold out, I may just pull one out. I love them!
Bonnie said…
Colleen, what a job. I too like puzzles but the one you did is far better than what I could do!! It's beautiful....

Deidra said…
I've never seen a 3D puzzle before! Congratulations on the find.

I'm sure you could find another one somewhere on the internet.
Susan Higgins said…
First time here ... love the puzzle! It's very cool.

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