Planning Ahead

I have so many things I'm trying to save up for, and so little funds, that every time I do get a tiny bit of extra cash, I have a hard time deciding which "fund" to put it in. There's the pulmonary rehab fund, which has been deemed the most important one. I will need to start dipping into that fund by November, so I'm trying to add most of my money there. I also have a TV fund. It's not a huge necessity, but it might be if the little fuzzies and sometimes white lines get any worse within the next year or so. I've had my tv since I moved here 11 years ago, and it would be nice to get a new one, but that fund is going to take awhile to grow. I'm also trying to save up for contacts and a new pair of glasses by the fall. I refuse to spend a fortune on glasses because the most I wear mine now is maybe 15 minutes a week if I'm lucky. But the prescription in them is so old that I can't wear them during the day unless I feel like puking every 3 seconds because I can't see well. So that's on the list of things to save for. I also put aside money to get my car inspected in April, and I want to get a new cellphone fund started since I think I'm going to be switching my service when my contract is up in May 2011. Then in September 2011, I need to get my license renewed, and I would like to get the enhanced driver's license to cross to Canada if I need to, so there's another fund that I have yet to start. I wish I knew where all of the money was going to come from to be successful in saving up! Living on Social Security disability isn't easy, and I don't sell my jewelry by the thousands. But if someone thinks I'm nuts for trying to plan this out so far ahead, there's a reason! I don't have a money tree growing out back!!


Nancy said…
Having a budget and planning for future expenses is always a good idea. It sounds like you have a realistic plan.

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