What Is This?

I've spent this week feeling rather cruddy. Monday I was fine, and Tuesday morning before rehab I felt ok. But after getting off the elevator at the hospital to get to the rehab gym, and still feeling like I was on it for the rest of the day, the remainder of my week didn't go so well. In fact, I felt dizzy and nauseous for most of the week. I could be up for awhile, but then I'd have to go lay down and hope that later when I got back up, I'd feel a bit more decent. Thursday was especially bad. I decided not go to to rehab, and tried to walk on my treadmill. I didn't last too long, and then I tried to vacuum. I got it done, but it took awhile. I felt a few times that I might pass out, and glad that I never did. While I felt all this for several days, I knew the reason why. At least, I was pretty sure. That time of the month is never a fun ride, but this time it just made me wonder if that was completely the reason for my crappy days, or if I was getting pulmonary hypertension symptoms that I'd never really had before. Dizziness and fainting spells are a couple signs of PH. I've never had them growing up, well at least the fainting spells. Dizziness usually meant something was up with my right ear. Aha, so possibly that could have been the culprit to how I've been most of the week?? No, not really. Feeling yucky isn't fun for anyone, but it's especially no picnic for someone living with a chronic illness!!

Today I had a decent day, despite a headache almost half an hour after I left the house to run some errands. The dizzies didn't happen at all, which was nice! So, I guess I really knew the cause of them, and while I don't like it, I'm glad that it wasn't anything worse. It's a worrisome feeling when you think your condition might be slipping a bit!


Teddybear said…
I prayers go out to you Colleen. I am glad you are feeling a little better. I hope it is not an ear infection. Sorry you weren't able to go to Rehab but staying home was probably the best thing to do. Love Ya Deb.
Hua said…
Hey Colleen,

I think you are an amazing person and I am truly inspired by you. I hope all is well.

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