Well, today I have been doing a bunch of things. I washed 2 loads of laundry, washed the dishes, soaked a bunch of bras (yeah I said bras, get over it lol), and after having lunch, I finally sat down to make bracelets for myself with the expensive Swarovskis I bought last week at the bead store Mandy and I went to. As much as I am still kicking myself for spending that much, I have to admit that I loooooooooove the bracelets!! My favorite is the darkish blue one, which I'm sure is a surprise because if anyone knows me, they know how much I love red! The other bluish one is supposed to be periwinkle-ish. Periwinkle is a very hard color to figure out! I have seen it in so many shades, more on the blue side, or more on the purple side. I actually guessed that this was periwinkle, because the ladies at the store had no clue. When I got home, and compared them to other periwinkle-ish beads I have, they were darn close! So, I guess I have a Medic Alert bracelet with periwinkle for PH! Whooo hoooo! By the way, the black bracelet is made out of leftover black beads I had. They are not Swarovskis, although I'm sure that would look awesome, too!


Jen said…
Awesome..I love the bracelets...That reminds me..I never ordered my medic alert one...OMG...I love the blue of course but they all are "stylin" LOL :))

Hope you got all your Bras clean...LOL

TTYL the background...
Love & hugs,
Nancy said…
Fantastic! What a clever idea.
TW(Terry) said…
Hey Sweets,
Love the bracelets but I'm not sure they'd go with my wardrobe...LOL. Sounds like you've been busy running those roads up in the Big City. I guess I'll just have to wear my Medic Alert necklace for the time being.

Teddybear said…
Those bracelets are so cool. The last time I had surgery we tried everything to get it off - the dr finally said forget. The clamps that MedicAlert has on theirs are made to not come off. I had to change the clamps on mine. Thanks for the idea. Blessings Deb
~ Lor said…
Very pretty and a great idea. You could also make them into key chains and necklaces...

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