This Will Be Brief!

I know I haven't posted for several days. I've spent this week playing the "Am I getting sick or am I not?" game. I think my happy outings on Sunday and Monday made me feel a bit run down. I had a questionable throat for a couple days, so I pummeled myself with honey, lemon, oranges, and Vitamin C. Wednesday and Thursday, I spent most of it sleeping. I guess I needed it! Friday, I had an earache, but that had kept coming on and off this week, too. Today wasn't too bad. Well, except that after showering, I realized I had some really bad muscle pain near my shoulder. Tylenol didn't work, and a heating pad sorta helped. It's not too bad tonight, but still there. I must have slept funny somehow!

Today I went to coffee with Jeannie and Mo. On the way to Starbucks, Erin called me to ask if I wanted to go to dinner with her and Eve, and the kids (Erin's daughter and Eve's son). She said she was going to leave by 4:30, so she'd call me to see if I was home from coffee. I got home by 4:25!! And by 4:45, Erin had picked me up!! So, we all ate at Olive Garden after waiting a crazy hour and a half for a table!! By the time I got home, it was about 9pm, and I was beyond exhausted. Sooooooo, I am now off to bed!! I am going to a birthday party at Lasertron tomorrow afternoon. I'm kinda said that I can't participate with the kids, and shoot people! LOL! Of course, I'm probably a great target, so I'm sure I'd be out right away! Anyway, I need my energy to be around all those rambunctious boys!!! lol Wish me luck!!


Nancy said…
Have fun. Even if you can't participate, they will enjoy having you there and sharing their memories.
ali said…
Have a blast. If you get real tired just volunteer to be a target. Then when you get shot, you can just lay down :)
Jen said…
Wow Colleen..You are busy Girl :))
Hope you get someone tagged...

Hope that you are feeling better today..

Take care

Love & hugs,

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