The 4th of July holiday weekend has come and gone, and it was a rather nice one. Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day! It was in the high 80s, but the humidity was so low that it didn't feel that hot unless you were directly in the sun for awhile. It was breathable weather! I didn't have any major plans until Joanie called me and asked if I'd want to go to her friends house for a little gathering, and I said sure! It was a good time! We were there for a few hours until our mom called to say that Mandy was coming over with the kids for sundaes. So, Joanie and I headed there for a little bit. The sundaes were yummy, and I eventually left to go home so I could watch the fireworks from my alley. They were pretty nice this year, and longer than I thought they'd be!

Yesterday was in the high 80s, but this time humidity rolled in. I could feel it when I woke up early to take my Revatio. When I got up the second time, I turned on the A/C. I closed a few doors, though, so they wouldn't get cooled off. I needed some place to hide when I froze from the cold air! I hate A/C a lot, and if it wasn't humid, I wouldn't even have it on. But, since it's hard to breathe in the suffocating air, I reluctantly turn it on! Most of this week will be in the mid to high 80s, with lots of humidity. I feel bad for anyone who works outside and can't escape into a cold place for a bit! I can't imagine working like that!

Back to fireworks...they are one of my favorite things about the summer. I just love watching the burst of colors in the night sky, the loud crackling and pop sounds, and the ones that create huge BOOMS as they go off. They have fascinated me for years, ever since I was a little girl. I'm glad we were so lucky to live right down the street from the park where they shoot them off on the 4th, and that I still live on that same street. I am also lucky that I don't have to just wait for once a year to see them, since down at the Falls, the Canadian side shoots them off every Friday and Sunday night at 10pm during the tourist season. If I really tried, I could see them every weekend in the summer! So far, I haven't made it down there in a couple years (not feeling good that night, not having ambition to go down there, stupid reasons!). So I'm really going to try seeing the fireworks down there this summer! I need to make more of an effort, since seeing them and the falls at the same time is such a beautiful experience!


joven said…
beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Jen said…
Hi Loca,
We saw the fireworks in Kemah..and then I went to bed...LOL
I love watching fireworks over the water, it is so neat.
Hope ya have a great week, well rest of the week, its almost over..LOL
Love ya..Hugs :)

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