Adding Extra

When I had my PH support group meeting in May, the topic was pulmonary rehab. I had asked one of the ladies who works at the rehab center I go to if she'd like to give a presentation about the benefits of exercising, and she was all for it. So during her talk, she mentioned that anyone who started at their center would initially start off with two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. If eventually they felt like doing more, they could add an extra day, which would be Fridays. This was news to me! But I thought that maybe I'd try to start doing an extra day working out at home instead of going to the rehab center. Sadly, this just hasn't happened!! I'm so not disciplined trying to work out at home, and it's sad and irritating to me.

The past couple days I've been considering adding Friday to my exercise regimen, and today I asked about it. E. told me I could come in, and didn't even have to call. The extra time is from 1-2pm, and there usually aren't too many who come, so it wouldn't be a problem if I decided to try it out. I might just make it an easy-going exercise, or try to do the same that I do the other 2 days I go. We'll see, but I'm just glad that I have this option!


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