A Surprise In The Backyard

A guy came over this morning to fix the blocked pipeline down in the basement, and my parents both eventually made it over here to talk to the guy, and figure out if there were any other problems with pipes they could ask him about. After he was here for about an hour or so, he took off, pipes working and all! My dad went back to his shop, and a bit later my mom left, too. Or so I thought. Ten minutes later, she rings my doorbell. She tells my that she and my dad had been picking up sticks, branches, and such in the backyard, and my dad wanted to know what the oversized pigeon was doing in a cage back there. Huh???? I had no clue what he was talking about! So I stepped outside to look, and sure enough, there was the bird! Honestly, I've never seen a white pigeon! I've always seen the males. Later on in the afternoon, I took the above pics. Why not blog about the guest in the backyard??
I have since found out information about the bird. Of course, my upstairs neighbor had something to do with it's presence! The bird's name is London (for London, Ontario), and she is a racing pigeon. Now, maybe I've missed something, but how the hell do you race a pigeon?? I've heard of pigeon racing, sadly, but I don't quite know what happens with it! Anyway, London has a broken wing, which I kinda figured, because why would she be in a cage in my backyard?? Apparently London needs a home. I like birds, I had 3 parakeets growing up. But I sure hope London doesn't end up permanently residing here. So far, I don't think my neighbor is planning on bringing London into the house. I think that is good, because I don't want it cooing me awake in the mornings!! lol I do have to admit, though, every time I looked out my bedroom window this afternoon (where I have a clear view of her), I awwwww'd. She is a little cute, to me anyway!


Nancy said…
I hope London will recover from her injury and be able to race again. I think carrier (homing) pigeons were used a lot during World War I and possibly World War II. It is interesting how they manage to fly great distances and always return to their home.
Anonymous said…
Wow..you are always so full of surprises..LOL
Hope London will recover soon but maybe not at your place...
Hope you are having a great day :))

Love & hugs,
Wendy's Mom said…
Be carful Girlie!! You might be finding London likes your place and does not leave, or if she does leave she might keep coming back. On one of those outings she might find Mr. London and then return to your place to have her babies!!!

Trust me this is very possible and NOT a lot of fun!!! It happen to my Aunt one time! LOL!!

Kathy said…
She is a cute pigeon :)
~ Lor said…
Now that's quite a find! She's gorgeous....I would have ooo'd & awwwd over her too! hugs ~ L
~ Lor said…
Is she still in your backyard?

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