Where'd The Week Go??

In some ways it seems like this week just zoomed by. In other ways, it has felt like it was just creeping along. I received an email in the early afternoon yesterday from Walmart. My table set had come!!!! So much for the estimated delivery date of March 11-16th!! I had wanted to take pictures of jewelry yesterday, but those plans got scrapped as soon as I read the email. My new mission was to clean the spare room, clean off the old kitchen table, and move it into the spare room! I spent over 3 1/2 hours doing just that. I got rid of a ton of boxes and crap that I thought I'd need for shipping jewelry, but, it's just not happening! I dusted the shelf in the spare room, and moved all my beads there. So now when I make something, I won't need all the beads on the table! It's less cluttered! I moved each kitchen chair into the spare room, but I'm not too sure what to do with them, since they don't all fit in the spare room. That room also has a daybed, which I'm not getting rid of, and I am only using 3/4 of the old table for beading, since it fits better that way than being completely round. But, I'll figure out the chair situation soon enough!

After the chairs were in the room, I folded down the sides of the kitchen table, and slowly began shoving it in the direction of the spare room. With Mittens on top. He kept walking around on the table wondering where the heck I was going, and finally just jumped off it when I got stuck in the hallway. I guess he got tired of being jolted around! After maneuvering quite a bit, I managed to get the table into the spare room, and then had to figure exactly where I was going to put it. That is when I realized it wasn't going to be completely round again. I got it situated, clamped my magnifying lamp back onto the table, put my beading tray and tools on the table, and voila! I now have my own beading room!! Yay!!!

I didn't expect to be getting my table set last night, because I figured my dad might be tired from working. So, this morning, my mom called me around 11 to say that my dad was willing to drop what he was working on at his shop to go pick up the set. I called Walmart to make sure we'd get help bringing the item out to the truck, and when they said of course, I called my dad, and we met at the store at 11:30. Almost half an hour later, we were getting the table set onto the truck! Well, I shouldn't say "we." I should say the 2 Walmart guys, one who said to me as we were waiting for my dad to get his truck, "That table set is heavy as hell." LOL! He was right, though, it definitely took both of them to load it in the bed of the truck. My dad took off for my house when it was all loaded in, and I got there a few minutes later after he did. My mom was waiting, too. I got my house open for them. It took several minutes to get the box open, and several more to get the inner box open! It was glued like crazy!! My dad had to use a crowbar to break it apart. Finally, though, it was open and there were all the pieces! I helped bring in one load (3 seat frames), but basically I didn't do too much after but supervise where everything was going. My dad set the big tabletop against the wall, and I just went "Ooooooooh!!" It was soooo pretty! They got all the pieces inside, and my dad took off back to his shop. My mom asked if I'd like her to wash my floor with her steam thingy, and I said sure. So she left to go get that (she never came back, she'll do it maybe tomorrow lol). Fifteen minutes after my dad left, it started pouring buckets outside!!! Whew!!!! What great timing!!!

So, I got to work on making the chairs after I ate something. The first one took a bit of time, but the indirections (my dad calls them that) were really good and actually understandable!! I got the frame together, and was trying to put the seat on, when I encountered a problem. I couldn't get the screws all the way into the seat. I only got two of them in, but there are 6 that need to make the seat secure, and there was no way I could just ignore the 4 that weren't cooperating! I called my dad, and he said he'd be able to bring his drill with the right bit to make it easier for getting the screw into the seat. Soo, I worked on the 3 other chair frames. They are done! Then I went to rest, then had dinner, and then decided to put the table together. I layed the tabletop (that sucker is heavy) onto the huge piece of bubblewrap that was around it on the kitchen floor, screwed the legs in, and attempted to put it upright. Well, I got it laying on it's side, and that's where it still sits. It's just too heavy, and I think I did enough damage today to myself by putting together the chairs!! lol My dad was going to come down here tonight to help finish getting everything together, but then we got a huge thunderstorm, and I decided to take a bath instead!

Sooooo, my table is laying on it's side in the kitchen, waiting to be standing on all four legs. And my chairs are skeletons of themselves, waiting for seats!! Tomorrow will be another day! It's been difficult for me to think that, because I am soooo hardheaded about wanting things done when I want them done. But seriously, I can't do anymore myself, and I know that I have to wait for help. And like I said, tomorrow is another day. :)


Nancy said…
Boy, do I hear you about being hard-headed and wanting things done when you want them done.

I disassembled a twin bed last week and moved it into the other spare bedroom after I had disassembled the daybed that was in there. Man-handling all of that stuff tired me out pretty fast. I used blankets on the floor to scoot things down the hallway and then out to the garage, so it was much easier, but I still got "stuck" in the hallway and in the doorways, much like you described.

Enjoy your "studio" as you create many lovely pieces of jewelry. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Ok..Girl..Now I really know why you are hurting today....Chill out and it will all get done soon enough...(yea.. yea..Right?)LOL
Rest some today...
I cannot wait to see the pics though :))

Love & hugs,

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