The Cabbage Patch Diaries!

I told a friend several weeks ago, when she was looking at my old childhood sticker book, that I had found my childhood diary in my drawer. Well, I know it's always there, so it's not like I hadn't seen it in decades. But, every time I clean out that drawer, I read most of it and laugh. My friend told me I should share it, and I thought, why not?? So, Fridays begins the Cabbage Patch Diaries. I don't remember how many entries I have, but I'll keep it up for as long as there are entries! Instead of retyping what I have written, I've decided to scan the pages. I apologize now for the terrible handwriting!!! LOL! I think it's so funny to see how far along my handwriting has come since I began this diary at the age of 10. Anyway, please enjoy this series of The Cabbage Patch Diaries!


Nancy said…
What a treasure you have uncovered.
Wendy's Mom said…
AHHH How sweet!

Back then is when you could actually buy GOOD tasting fish sticks and enjoy them. Today they do not taste as good and have a lot of grey looking stuff in them. (I know salt too) LOL!!

Jeannie said…
Oh Colleen... that is so cute! I look forward to seeing more... what a good idea to post the scanned pages! JeannieTX
~ Lor said…
How sweet!

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