Special Delivery!

I never get my mail before 10am, or even before noon. So it was surprising this morning when I heard the doorbell ring and saw the postman standing there! I opened the door, and he had a package that needed a signature. After signing the paper, he handed the package to me, and I noticed that it wasn't for my upstairs neighbor, but for me! And then I saw that it was from Sunshine! Oh yay, it was the recipe book I had won from her blog giveaway last month! I didn't have time to open the package right then since I was trying to get myself out the door to go to rehab. So I opened it shortly after I got home. I was excited to see the cookbook, a "vintage Cayman Island" Christmas card, and even a little bag of treats for Mittens! But I was especially excited to see a very cute panda amigurumi crochet animal that she made all on her own! It is so adorable!! I showed it to Mittens, and he seemed interested in playing with it, so I'm gonna have to keep it somewhere he won't get it because it's not going to become his toy!! lol  Anyway, I flipped through some of the cookbook this afternoon, and there are some very delicious-sounding recipes that I'd like to try out already! I'm going to write down some ingredients, and maybe go shopping tomorrow so I can make a few of them soon! So although I didn't end up getting any other mail later on today, I'd say that's ok! This was a very nice package to receive!! Thank you so much, Sunshine!!  :) :)


sunshine said…
Awesome news, I am so glad you got your package so fast and specially that you liked everything inside, thanks again for participating in the giveaway, looking forward to hear about your recipe experiences, have a great day!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi :) I'm 19, almost 20 and have been reading your blog lately. Last year I had a blood clot in the lungs but thanks to God it is now gone. However, after that I had a PH scare; I also have disease I was born with that causes low oxygen and the doctors are now saying (after an echo) that I don't have PH. But I read somewhere online that sometimes echoes can be way off, and I'm still worried I might have it and not know because the disease I was born with also has similar symptoms to PH and am wondering how could I tell if anything was different since my body has adjusted to having low oxygen (supplemental oxygen does not raise my oxygen levels with the disease I have). I probably am overworrying... and sorry about rambling on and on haha.

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