Well, after being totally irate with the o2 guy at the office yesterday when I listened to a message he had left me, I called him back. He just kept insisting that the one portable oxygen concentrator (POC) I wanted to use for my flight did NOT go up to 5lpm. I tried as nicely as I could to tell him that it indeed went up to 5lpm, and in fact, it actually went up to 6. I also told him I had seen one just a few weeks ago at my support group meeting, and I saw that it goes up to 6. AND, that the website says it pulses up to....6! Soooo, he said he had to go check. He got back on the phone, and I could hear him flipping through a manual. After a few minutes, he says, "Oh, oh I see, it looks like it does go up to 6lpm." I wanted soooooo badly to yell, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" However, I just nicely said, "You learn something new everyday, huh?" So, I pretty much have the oxygen for the plane set, although I did have to call back today and ask for 2 extra batteries since using the POC at 5lpm isn't going to last long on the 2 batteries that originally come with the POC. I guess the extra ones are rented, but oh well. I can't be stuck on a plane without anything!

Now I'm waiting to hear if I can use liquid o2 in the hotels, which would be totally awesome!! I'm allowed to bring Artie on the plane (my little Helios that I use for going out and about), as long as it's empty. And then I can fill Artie and do stuff, and go back to my hotel room and fill again whenever. It would also free up a plug in the hotel room for my phriend's POC or whatever she arrages for o2 use. I'm going to call the guy at my o2 company next week to see if he found out if I can use the liquid. I feel like I need to keep bugging him because he just doesn't seem to be the type who gives a crap about his job!!

Progress is also being made on my bathroom ceiling. Well, as far as I know right now, I HAVE no ceiling in there. lol It was ripped down this morning, and the guys have put the vent in. What they are doing now, I'm not really sure! Lots of power tools are being used, so hopefully something good is going on!!


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