Time Flies

Gee whiz, the whole month of May has almost gone by since the last time I posted. My bad!!

Well, as far as I know, the oxygen reservations have been made, both for Orlando, and for Cleveland when I go for my appointments the week before I go to Florida. For some reason I still don't totally trust the guy who set everything up, but I have the phone numbers of the places that will provide oxygen for me out of town, so at least I can call them to make sure things are set!! The last thing I need to do is bring a form to my local doctor for her to fill out about using oxygen on the plane. I need to have something with me when I go to the airport. Then I think I'm set!

I've already started to gather things to pack for my trip, and I'm also trying to figure out what clothing to bring. While it's going to be pretty stinkin' hot in FL for June (like probably 90s with high humidity!), the hotel where the conference is located will most likely be cold. And I mean like artic frigid freezing cold. I've even had phriends say that some of the past hotels used for conference have been downright too cold, so I can't imagine that this hotel will be any different. So, as ridiculous as it may seem, I'll be bringing long sleeved shirts and sweaters!! Oh yes, I'll still bring shorts and tshirts, but since I'll  mostly be inside for the sessions and such, I'll have to just make sure that I am warm! I'm a little worried that I might get sick, because I tend to start a cold when I'm in air conditioning for long periods of time. So hopefully wearing winter attire in the hotel will prevent that, no matter how dumb I feel doing so!! lol

I'm getting so excited about going, especially because I'll get to meet so many phriends!! It's going to be a lot of firsts for me, including flying, and being on my own without my parents. But I'm looking forward to it! I'm crossing my fingers that everything will work out just fine with traveling and having fun!

My bathroom is almost completely done. All the work was done almost 2 1/2 weeks ago, and this past Friday and Saturday is when my mom and I finally primed and painted the new ceiling and the walls. It's nothing fancy, just white, but still, it seems like I have a new bathroom since there's a fresh coat of paint! My new toilet is great, the ceiling light/fan works well, and the new sconces on each side of the medicine cabinet are really nice. Yesterday, I did some touch-ups with the paint, and then I totally cleaned everything! I scrubbed the tub, washed the sink, and I even took my time and scrubbed the floor. Now that is something I  have had a hard time doing the past few times I've tried, but yesterday I seemed to do ok! I hung up the decorative fixtures I had taken down, and now I'm just waiting for one thing: new shower curtain brackets, which are supposed to come in today. As soon as those are up, and the new pipe my dad cut for the rod is in place, I'll finally have my entire bathroom back!!! I'm really happy about that, since I'm tired of showering down in the basement!!! lol


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