I had a nice Memorial Day weekend, with great weather to enjoy and company. I spent Saturday evening with K. on the waterfront in Lewiston, and then we went to the tennis courts on Sunday morning for awhile. Now I can't go crazy trying to play tennis, but K. has been teaching me how to hit the balls and hold the raquet, and I have to say, I was doing pretty good! I kept focusing on the ball every time he whacked it back toward me, so I would end up hitting it right back, and we'd go for quite a bit until I messed up. lol I had fun! He left Sunday afternoon, and I had a lazy rest of the day. Monday I made crock pot boneless ribs and had my dad over for dinner. They turned out fabulous, and my dad raved about them to everyone. Yay! lol

I slept so horrible on Monday night that I was beyond tired most of Tuesday. I didn't even go to rehab, I slept in. However, after only being up a couple hours, I had to go take a nap again. Then I'd read, which would lull me to another nap. That was pretty much my entire day. Nap, read, nap. I even turned off my laptop and went to bed earlier than normal. I was hoping for a much better night's sleep!

Today I thought I was doing much better, until I realized I needed to lay down before going out for groceries. What in the world?? I haven't had fatigue like this in such a long time. It's almost depressing. I hate it when I'm so tired that I just can't get anything done, or I don't feel like doing so. But, I did take that short nap, and a bit after that my mom was ready to go for groceries. Thankfully I had energy for that! By the time I got home, unpacked everything and put most of the stuff away, I was ready for another nap. UGH! I took another brief one, this time with Mittens (awww), and then made dinner. I felt like sleeping again after that, but I didn't!! So now it's 11pm and I'm so ready for bed! Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get to rehab and the exercise will help perk me up!!


Madray said…
Maybe it's this crazy weather..hot and muggy for a few days, then cold and dry. I am finding today to be a struggle.

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