Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I had a nice Memorial Day weekend, with great weather to enjoy and company. I spent Saturday evening with K. on the waterfront in Lewiston, and then we went to the tennis courts on Sunday morning for awhile. Now I can't go crazy trying to play tennis, but K. has been teaching me how to hit the balls and hold the raquet, and I have to say, I was doing pretty good! I kept focusing on the ball every time he whacked it back toward me, so I would end up hitting it right back, and we'd go for quite a bit until I messed up. lol I had fun! He left Sunday afternoon, and I had a lazy rest of the day. Monday I made crock pot boneless ribs and had my dad over for dinner. They turned out fabulous, and my dad raved about them to everyone. Yay! lol

I slept so horrible on Monday night that I was beyond tired most of Tuesday. I didn't even go to rehab, I slept in. However, after only being up a couple hours, I had to go take a nap again. Then I'd read, which would lull me to another nap. That was pretty much my entire day. Nap, read, nap. I even turned off my laptop and went to bed earlier than normal. I was hoping for a much better night's sleep!

Today I thought I was doing much better, until I realized I needed to lay down before going out for groceries. What in the world?? I haven't had fatigue like this in such a long time. It's almost depressing. I hate it when I'm so tired that I just can't get anything done, or I don't feel like doing so. But, I did take that short nap, and a bit after that my mom was ready to go for groceries. Thankfully I had energy for that! By the time I got home, unpacked everything and put most of the stuff away, I was ready for another nap. UGH! I took another brief one, this time with Mittens (awww), and then made dinner. I felt like sleeping again after that, but I didn't!! So now it's 11pm and I'm so ready for bed! Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get to rehab and the exercise will help perk me up!!

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Madray said...

Maybe it's this crazy and muggy for a few days, then cold and dry. I am finding today to be a struggle.