About a month ago, as I was trying to get the right key for my side door so I could go into the house, a white butterfly (more likely a moth, but it was still pretty, anyway) landed on one of the pillars that hold up the roof above the side door entrance. I had been thinking about Euan at that time, and that butterfly/moth made me think of him. I took a picture of it, but it still stayed in place for a few more minutes before finally taking off.

Saturday afternoon, I walked over to my computer room window, and noticed a butterfly (a real one, not a mothy one!) flying around. It kept trying to land on the window where I was standing, but finally ended up on the side of the rooftop where I could still see it. It just sat there for the longest time. I went to get my camera, thinking it would be gone by the time I came back to the window, but it wasn't. I got some great shots of it before it finally decided to go on it's way. It brought a smile to my face, since once again I had been thinking of Euan.

On Sunday, I had cut up a huge bowl of fruit, and decided to have some of it on my front porch. As I was sitting there in the sunshine, with the breeze blowing my hair, I thought to myself, "If I see another butterfly at any point, I'm going to take it as a sign that Euan is sending them to me to let me know he's near." Not even 5 minutes after that, I saw a butterfly drop down on a leaf right near the railing to my left. I was completely shocked, and a little shaky. I peered over the railing and saw it sitting there, flitting it's wings open and closed very slowly. I was too stunned to even try getting my camera. I also had tears going down my cheeks. That butterfly stayed for the longest time before it flew away. I knew I had my answer.

As I walked down the street to my parents' house later on for dinner, another butterfly followed me a little bit, making me smile even more. And later, after I ate, I stood on the porch watching Shelby roam around the front yard when I saw yet another butterfly land on some lilacs to the left of the porch. I had my camera, and was able to get some pics of that one before it took off. My mom couldn't see what I was taking pictures of at first, so I told her that I thought Euan was sending me butterflies. Whether she thought I was crazy or not wasn't something I really cared about. I knew in my heart that I wasn't.

Today I had to drive about 40 minutes or so to see the dermatologist. On part of the drive there, I kept seeing flitty little things go near my windshield, but so fast that I couldn't tell whether it was a butterfly or not. However, on my way home, one definitely crossed my path. It almost seemed to fly in slow motion past my windshield. Another smile and a moment of verclemptness (please, talk amongst yourselves) came over me. I am so thankful to know that Euan is so close, and is finally showing me that he is. I still miss him terribly, but I know that he is doing just fine.


CL said…
Those little signs warm our hearts.
Diane said…
I think God gives me little signs like your butterflies,to give me hope and a smile.I am glad you smiled and got pictures.
Annette said…
I honestly believe that Eaun was sending you love through those butterflies. How incredibly sweet.

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