It's currently 85 degrees right now, and the temperature was predicted to be around 88 today. I find this wonderful news, while I know many others do not. The huge plus to this? The humidity is very low, so I don't feel like I'm trying to breathe in a sauna! I have every single window open in my apartment, including the 2 windows in the jewelry room that haven't been opened more than twice in the 11 years I've lived here. New scenery for Mittens! There is a breeze coming in, winding through the entire place, and I feel quite comfy.

Euan would be picking on me about my love for the heat if he were still around. He didn't like it that well. I would pick on him for how much he loved the a/c, which I don't like much at all. I wonder how we would've lived together had he made it through his surgery and recovered well. We used to wonder that together, and just laugh. I'm sure we would've figured something out!


Jen said…
That sounds like the perfect weather! LOL
No humidity is the big plus..I hope that you continue to get some nice days to enjoy.
Take care Loca..Hugs to ya..
Luv ya lots :))
Annette said…
I think Eun and I would have been sitting together inside with the air conditioning, watching you sit outside in the heat! I'm not a "heat lover."
Our weather in Nebraska has been very similar to yours.
Take care.
Annette said…
I need to apologize for misspelling Euan's name like 5 times in other comments on some.
of your other posts.
My poor, old brain.
I love you
Cathy said…
I dont like heat! So im with Annette and Euan! sittin inside wit the A/C on!
IM glad you two had those moments together.. special moments that will never be forgotten and shall remain in ur heart!
Bonnie,NV said…
Colleen you and Euan would have compromised!! That's the biggest word to be used in relationships. But I too like the heat but no humidity, no way. It makes me feel like I'm breathing but no air getting to my lungs.
Colleen I hope you are having a great weekend with friends and family. Love ya Bonnie

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