September Weekends

This week seemed to go by quickly, probably because Monday was Labor Day. The weather wasn't all that great, reminding me miserably that winter will be here sooner than anyone wants. I went out to lunch on Wednesday with Renee and Dee, and it was a nice time! We enjoyed our meals at Michael's Restaurant, and then talked forever after. Then we got back to my place and talked forever again! It's always so nice to have such good friends to share so many things with. I'm glad we were able to hang out for awhile!

Thursday, Mandy and I went to Wegman's for some sushi, since it was her first day of having no kids all day. Her son was all dressed and ready for school, with his backpack on, at 7am. lol A little bit too early!! I'm so glad he's enthusiastic about going, though! I hope both he and his sister have a great year!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Air Show at the base for the first time ever! I've always heard the air shows going on when I was growing up, but we just never went. Many of the jets were practicing today, and some of them sounded like they were going to crash right into the house. They were LOUD!! I'm excited to be going tomorrow, but my sister and her family are leaving at 8am since it's going to be jam packed, so I really must get to bed now!!! lol


sunshine said…
Have a great time at the Air Show and happy weekend!

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