Anytime Now!!

My financial state gets turned upside down last month. I do all of these things to crunch numbers, lower bills, make arrangements for help, and within about a week, I'm somehow able to pay for my bills again, including the medical insurance.

And yet, here I am, still waiting on the good old state of NY to actually tell me my first payment to them was accepted, and that I will have my appts and such covered for September. Come on!!! I bend over backwards to make sure I'm not screwed, and yet, it doesn't seem to matter!!

My caseworker did tell me on Friday that I should just tell whoever I see that I did pay for my Medicaid spenddown for September so in case Medicaid doesn't cover my 20%, they can submit the bill over again. How friggin annoying! I guess that's what I'll be telling the lab tomorrow when I go for bloodwork. I just don't want to end up with bills for anything, because I DID what I was supposed to do!! ARGH!!!


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