A Sweet Sign?

I was sitting in my kitchen earlier today, just playing around on the laptop, when all of a sudden, I heard a music box go off. It was very brief, only maybe like 10 seconds, but enough to make me completely stop what I was doing and stare toward my hallway in shock. I didn't recall having a music box! So I got up and walked near the bedroom, trying to think what I might have in there that plays music. Nothing. I went down the hallway and stood in the entrance to the living room. There across the room sat the snow globe I received from Euan the first time we ever met in person. I went over to it, and turned it upside down, and gave the winding part a turn. It played the exact same music that I heard just minutes before. I haven't touched the snow globe in about 8 months. There was no rhyme or reason for it to go off. All I could think of was that yesterday was Euan's birthday, and tomorrow is mine. Perhaps he wanted to let me know that he was still around in spirit, when sometimes I wonder if he is really there. I immediately got teary eyed, and put down the snow globe, and just tried to be happy in knowing that he gave me a sign that he was thinking of me. I miss him dearly, but I guess he truly still stops by once in awhile!


sunshine said…
Happy Birthday for tomorrow, have a wonderful day and many more years filled with blessings!

I believe you just received your first Birthday serenade!
Jen said…
I think that was an awesome story. I agree Euan 3was letting ya know he was there and he knew it was your birthdays. That is so weird, and sad...I had chill bumps. Happy that you had this happen as I know how very much you love Euan!
Love ya

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