September Days

It's just barely into the 2nd day of September, and I'm already missing the summer. Summer hasn't officially ended by calendar standards, yet to me, whenever September hits, I immediately think fall. Which then immediately reminds me that the dreaded winter is coming soon. Booooo.

Tonight I did something I've never ever done before. I went to the movies. BY MYSELF. I checked to see if the final Harry Potter movie would still be playing tomorrow night (well, really waaaay later tonight, since it is almost 1am on Sept. 2nd), and it wasn't. OH NO!! I did NOT want to be seeing this final installment of the series on a much smaller screen at the cheap theater, and I definitely did not want to end up seeing this last movie just on my tv. There was only one time it was playing, and that was 9:40pm. So, I decided to just go on my own! And I have to say, I really enjoyed it! I felt so daring. LOL! I liked the movie, and I won't be giving away any details for those who may not have seen it yet, but let me just say this. I LOVE Professor Snape. I'm actually more sad to see that character gone than Harry Potter himself. Yes, I'm nuts!

This coming weekend is the last big shindig of the summer, also known as Labor Day weekend. Many people have off on Monday, and the last barbecues and cookouts will most likely be happening. I don't really have plans for it yet. My family is usually last minute at things like these. Maybe we'll do something? Maybe we won't. Considering I don't work, it doesn't really mean all that much to me to have a day off. I guess I don't appreciate it as much as some people do!

School begins here on Tuesday, and for my niece that means her adventure in 1st grade begins! Thursday is the start of full day preschool for my nephew. It also means total freedom for Mandy during the day!!! I think Mandy and I are going to breakfast once she drops the kids off, which will be nice! I know Mandy is looking forward to being able to do more stuff during the day while the kids are in school. I'm hoping maybe she'll be able to create more beautiful projects in her kiln!

I had a nice chat with a phriend this afternoon about working. She told me how she went back to school for a year to be a medical coder, and that she had gotten a job at a hospital full time. Then she was going to move, and she figured she'd get a job in that location, when the place she was working for offered to let her keep her job and do it at home. She agreed, only if she could work part time since full time was actually wearing her down. They said that would be fine, so she works 30 hours a week from home. She suggested going to my local vocational rehabilitation department, which I had been considering. They can try to help someone on disability either get retrained for something else, or find a job. I still would love to be able to do something on the computer and stay in my own house while making money. I have a lot more researching and considering to do, and hopefully something will come up!

I called once again this afternoon about my tongue. This morning when I had breakfast I could barely taste my food. That's never happened before. My doctor would like me to see an ear/nose/throat guy. I actually do go to one, and will see him at the beginning of October. Do I wait until then? What the heck? I've been dealing with this for so long, what's another month? In the meantime, while waiting for the doctor to call me back, I took 2 acidophilus capsules that I've been just swallowing, and broke them open. I poured the stuff inside into a cup, and mixed a very small amount of water with it to create a paste. Then I put some of the paste stuff onto my tongue and just kept it there for about 5 minutes. I rinsed my mouth out after, and repeated. I did the same thing again after dinner. Currently, my tongue feels funny, but it's not burning. HMMMMM. I think for at least the weekend I will keep doing this several times a day, and see what happens. I'm also just going to stop the cephalexin completely. I really think it's the root of everything, and well, I guess despite how it helps my skin, it's not worth losing taste in my mouth. Especially when I want to taste chocolate!!

I guess I'll stop this random blog post of topics to get ready for bed and call it a night!!


sunshine said…
I totally get how your feel about going to the movies by yourself, I did it once before I quite enjoyed it as well. I think it's always good to do things out of character for a change!

Finding a job sounds like a good idea, as long as it doesn't affect your health, it would be a great to find more activity for your days and keep you busier, plus more $$$!!!

Hopefully your issues with your mouth/tongue will get solved very soon.

Have a great weekend!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, I hear some say they go to the movies alone, I would but need a pusher to get in LOL

I think that I looked befre and tried to find a stay at home in my PJs job, what friend is this, maybe they will have some advice for me as I am a LVN still as I continue to keep up with my CEUs. I was told before I needed to be a RN to do work at home. Maybe that is something I can check into as well, I am trying to make some changes within the next year or so :(

Ohh I am sure it is the med messing with your tongue, so I would say stop and see what happens, sorry it was helping skin...Love ya Loca..Hugs :)

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