It's A Major Award!

Wow, I won! I was not expecting to win, but I did! What did I win? Well, in my last post I mentioned a blog giveaway by Sunshine, and the deadline was last night. There weren't too many who entered, but by random draw, my name was picked to win the prize! I will be receiving a cookbook that supports the Cayman Humane Society, and also a little surprise (which I can't wait to see!)! Thank you very much, Sunshine, for doing this blog giveaway! I've entered a few of these on various blogs before, but this is the first one I've ever won! I will definitely post some recipes that sound delicious or that I end up making after I receive it in the mail! :)


sunshine said…
You are so welcome, I am glad you are happy and excited about the book (and the surprise!), have a fantastic Christmas time!!!
CL said…
Teddybear said…
Wow that is awesome - congrats. Have a Blessed Christmas Colleen

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