Well, Crap!

Those were the words used many times by a sweet phriend whenever she was trying to express frustration over something. Those were the same words many of my phriends who knew Annette used today when we found out she had passed away this morning. It came as a surprise to so many of us. She had some health struggles in the past year in regards to her PH, but lately, many who talked to her reported that Annette said she was feeling ok. Annette died in her sleep, which is the only thing that brings me some comfort. I am hoping that she went peacefully.

Annette's PH journey began a little over 7 years ago. She posted quite often on the PHA message boards. She was a 1st grade teacher, and once she was put on Flolan, she tried so hard to keep up with her job. Eventually she had to resign, or retire. I can't remember which. After that, she did volunteer reading in classrooms. She also did so much with the Omaha PH support group. She helped raise awareness by being a part of a large fundraiser that included silent auctions. I was able to donate jewelry one year, and she was so incredibly appreciative of it! The fundraiser always makes thousands of dollars for research, and I'm sure the next one will include something to remember how much Annette did to help.

Annette kept a most entertaining blog. My favorite posts were always about her 2 dogs. She had such a talent of writing about there silly adventures that I often found myself howling with laughter while reading! She often always gave book or movie reviews, complete with how many "puppy paws" she'd use to rate the book or movie. Sometimes I would write my own blog about something I watched or read, and I'd borrow the puppy paws! lol She thought it quite funny!

Annette sent me a dozen roses on my birthday the year that Mason died. She was a sweet person who often thought of others before thinking of herself. Her kindness, her giving of herself, her thoughtfulness, and her laughter are the things we will all miss the most. She leaves a very doting husband and two loving sons behind. We are all heartbroken over her loss, I can't imagine what they are going through. RIP Annette, breathe easy forever.

This was not a great way to end the year. I pray so hard that 2012 is the year a cure for PH is found.


sunshine said…
Dear Colleen, sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, may she rest in peace and God have her in his glory.

Here's to a wonderful 2012 for you and hoping for that cure to be found as well, Happy New Year!

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