My mom didn't make it over here today like she wanted. She was too busy cleaning and getting ready for my sister's arrival on Friday. Oh well, that's ok! I changed the bedding and didn't start a recipe until later in the afternoon, so I only made one thing instead of two. I made the pecan turtle bars, and MMMMMMMM. I'm not sure I can share them. lol I'll make the other cookies tomorrow, and maybe the pecan pie. We'll see how much energy I have!

So, I take my Revatio (Viagra) pills at 7am, 3pm, and 11pm. It's supposed to be taken 8 hours apart. This afternoon around 3, I was on the phone with my mom while I was trying to open the new bottle of Revatio tablets I had, and during the conversation, I thought I had taken my dose. After I got off the phone, I spent 5 minutes struggling to remember whether or not I had swallowed the pills. What the heck??? This isn't the only time I've done this. There have been plenty of times that I go to take my pill (no matter what it is), and then not even 10 minutes later I can't remember taking it!! So today, I kinda thought I didn't take the 3pm dose, so I took it. Again? I don't know. I began to doubt myself as soon as they went down my throat. UGH!! So, for the next hour I just took it easy, and laid down. Just in case I felt faint or something! But since I didn't have any major side effects from the possibility of taking too much Revatio, I assumed that I didn't take a double dose. So, I guess this means I really should buy a pill box, because it would probably be a lot safer knowing for sure that I took a dose!


CL said…
I do that all the time and not just with the Revatio. I have done that with my Advair at night. Terrible when taking pills and doing treatments becomes so routine you lose awareness. (((hugs))) Merry Christmas!!
sunshine said…
You should have a little board where you make a "check mark" every time you take your pill so you don't take it twice. I'm glad you didn't have any side effects!
Janie said…
No worries we all do that, even with vitimins I do that.
I have a neat 7 day pill box to help.
They make 30 day pill boxes that are really neat.
I used them with my patients, and it sure helps as long as you can remember the day.
Sometimes I wonder about the days, how fast they go.
Thank you for your comment on the fish.
Look for those pill containers, they really help.

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