A Little Collection

I'm not sure when it started, maybe with my little turtle from Aruba given to me by a good friend, but I have a little collection of turtle figurines that reside on my kitchen windowsill. One of them is glass (the Aruban turtle), one is porcelain (the one with the surprised face), and the rest are wooden bobblehead turtles from Mexico. The little Mexican turtles are all from a guy who sells them at the Peach Festival, an annual event that comes every 2nd weekend of September. That means this weekend! And guess what?? That means 2 more turtles!! I do hope the guy is still there, or I'll be very disappointed. I am so tight on money this month, but I have saved up to get the turtles. I know, sad, huh?? Hey, I have to have something to make me happy! If anyone knows where I can get little turtles of any kind, let me know!! I just love them, they are cute!


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